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# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/11/09 11:44 PM
Good video bro thanks.
# 2 zoltan @ 05/12/09 01:39 AM
how come nobody's on this? theres only one reply
# 3 baumy300 @ 05/12/09 01:48 AM
I can't get it to play for me. Strange...
# 4 zoltan @ 05/12/09 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by baumy300
I can't get it to play for me. Strange...
me neither....
# 5 Maximus205 @ 05/12/09 02:25 AM
Yaaa? Is that the word or meh?
# 6 Solidice @ 05/12/09 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by zoltan
how come nobody's on this? theres only one reply
I only saw 1 new footage(the Crabtree catch near the end). the other clips we have seen before. a lot were different angles of clips we have seen. most of those look like old builds, they all featured graduated players as well.
# 7 tylerd02 @ 05/12/09 10:10 AM
They had brian johnson as the #9 pick of the packers, pretty sure they took raji at 9
# 8 noplace @ 05/12/09 01:14 PM
Damn NCAA looking average as hell! Dont see much of a difference from last year.
# 9 jake44np @ 05/12/09 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by heavy_hitter
I can honestly say that this is the first year since 1992 that I haven't been excited about a Madden or NCAA release. The only thing that is out there that makes me think the game could be good is adaptive AI. Still, it doesn't make me want to buy this game. I am looking forward to new [email protected] maps and Modern Warfare 2 than an EA football game.

I could care less about the flexbone (it will still be broke), teambuilder/CAS is meaningless, Erin Andrews is stupid (women don't belong on the sidelines of men's athletic events reporting on something they know nothing about), and a bunch of the other crap that is out there.
I didnt know Archie Bunker posted on OS.
# 10 dman1976 @ 05/12/09 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by jake44np
I didnt know Archie Bunker posted on OS.
lol burn
# 11 zoltan @ 05/12/09 03:46 PM
obviously brian johnson in that video is a speedy beast!
# 12 janglar @ 05/12/09 04:31 PM
I want gameplay vids, no more interviews. Go time is about 2 months away. Ol' Archie needs to start hanging out with Monroe from Too Close for Comfort if he is having a problem with hotties on the sideline
# 13 J-Unit40 @ 05/12/09 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by Moostache
That would have been 10,000 times better if they just let the camera follow Erin Andrews for 6 minutes...
Seriously. She's that nice.


- Crabtree is a rocket-catching cheeser.

- I really like some of those new catch animations, as well as some of the sack animations and broken tackles.

- Some of those facemasks are just plain hideous. I have a feeling our boys at EA (yes, OMT, I'm talking about you) are going to surprise us with some new equipment in a blog.
# 14 blackscorpion11 @ 05/12/09 11:36 PM
I could give a damn about erin andrews, facemasks, etc.. what concerns me is that the info theyre putting out so far doesnt speak directly to the problems that the game currently has??? New qb pocket?- does this mean they fixed th OL/DL interaction???? Adaptive AI?- Does this mean the db's will now have the same speed as the overrated Wr's and actually cover someone this yr????

With these new innovations they are hypin up, im wondering if they will fix whats broken..NCAA 06 is my favorite game so im concerned about how 2010 will turn out.

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