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NFL.com has posted some new Madden NFL 10 screenshots.

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# 1 KANE699 @ 06/08/09 02:36 PM
Awesome I wanted pictures like this earlier, its good to seem finally.
# 2 KANE699 @ 06/08/09 02:37 PM
Im still not sure why Kiwanuka is wearing LT's facemask, he wears the 3 bar rb jagged.

Donny get on this.

Visor clips are still busted.

God DANG IT the facemask is wrong on Buckhalter too just like Polamalu all squared off at the bottom edges.
# 3 djordan @ 06/08/09 02:42 PM
the hell is #93 doing? Why is he crying?

# 4 KANE699 @ 06/08/09 02:44 PM
Same issue with Polamalu facemask, the helmet needs to come down to his brow to close the eye opening gap and the bottom corners are squared off when they should be rounded.

# 5 Jamin23 @ 06/08/09 02:44 PM
There's no crying in football!!
# 6 Reggie16 @ 06/08/09 02:48 PM
those look nice nice find
# 7 mKoz26 @ 06/08/09 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by djordan
the hell is #93 doing? Why is he crying?

That gave me a good laugh.
# 8 SageInfinite @ 06/08/09 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by djordan
the hell is #93 doing? Why is he crying?

Buckhalter probably just crossed the goal line.
# 9 Reggie16 @ 06/08/09 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by Canadeion
Which picture did you see Kiwanuka in???
he meant chris canty
# 10 Netherscourge @ 06/08/09 02:50 PM
Am I seeing things, or do the referees looks as big as the players do with their pads on?

I thought Ed Hockuli was removed?
# 11 fcb-santana @ 06/08/09 02:52 PM
I think they are Ed's sons. Or they all used to combine to create Ed in previous Maddens.
# 12 BayAreaRYder226 @ 06/08/09 02:55 PM
was hoping to see Garcia in a Raiders Uniform
# 13 KANE699 @ 06/08/09 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Reggie16
he meant chris canty
I did my fault, who should be wearing a riddell full cage with a clear visor.
# 14 rheerun @ 06/08/09 02:59 PM
Pics look great except for one thing... is it me or does the football seem way to big in some of the QB pics? Like the Orton and the Cutler ones. It doesn't even look like their hands can get around the cone part of the ball.

Shouldn't a couple of their fingers at least be across the laces? Not a huge deal, just something I noticed.
# 15 Champ24 @ 06/08/09 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by SageInfinite
Buckhalter probably just crossed the goal line.
Exactly, seems pretty obvious to me he just scored.
# 16 Golden28 @ 06/08/09 03:26 PM
Although I have not noticed it this year in the videos as much as in these pictures, it seems to me that the players' waists look too small.

It makes them look like young college players.

IMO they need a little more width in the middle.

EDIT: It's most noticable on the QB's (due to lack of flak jackets) but here's a pic of Dawks and himself in the flesh. Just does not look powerful enough in his core as he should be. To me anyway.
# 17 celey @ 06/08/09 03:28 PM
Why cant we see the collar's on the under armor shirts? It looks like theyre wearing sleeves only.

# 18 countryboy @ 06/08/09 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by djordan
the hell is #93 doing? Why is he crying?

He plays for the Raiders.
# 19 sportzbro @ 06/08/09 03:42 PM
Wow those look slick.. On a side note I didn't realize how many players the Broncos added.

And where was Tony G. did I miss him?
# 20 KANE699 @ 06/08/09 03:48 PM
There's already a picture of Tony G off someones twitter I think but no he isn't in that group.

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