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Czar checks in with Round 2 of his Platinum Czar Battleground: NBA Live 09 vs. NBA 2K9.

"In the Battleground Czar compares NBA Live 09 and NBA 2K9 on equal footing. In this episode Czar puts the finishing touches on his dissertation on presentation."

Game: NBA 2K9Reader Score: 8.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PS2 / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 72 - View All
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# 1 rockchisler @ 06/13/09 08:54 PM
Oh boy....Bout to watch
# 2 alexgamez122 @ 06/13/09 09:08 PM
Once again 2K shows it's dominance
# 3 teebee @ 06/13/09 10:02 PM
These are great, love the Czar, he nails it with zero bias
# 4 tril @ 06/14/09 12:22 AM
I didnt even know 2ks stats can be broken down like that, and Ive played over 5 seasons in my franchise. just another element to enjoy.
I was focusing on baseball but these reviews make me want to start another season.
This game is so enjoyable that its easy to overlook the little things in the presentation that the CZAR mentions.
# 5 Melman @ 06/14/09 05:39 AM
Can someone post this on YouTube I can't see it from my iPhone
# 6 Da_Czar @ 06/14/09 07:05 AM
Melman I will put it up in a few. I usually let Big Steve postem first then upload I will post the link after it finishes
# 7 HAILAS @ 06/14/09 08:14 AM

great job czar. I have a feeling this isn't going the end the way it's starting..
# 8 Melman @ 06/14/09 11:43 AM
Ok cool thanks Czar
# 9 Da_Czar @ 06/14/09 11:51 AM
Hey Hailas thanks man. Melman I had to leave before it finished uploading glad glad Hal got you that link
# 10 jaosming @ 06/14/09 12:49 PM
man I gotta disagree with giving 2k the 4 on arena atmosphere with those generic crappy audience sounds, a 3 would have suited it better, but that is just nitpicking, you are hitting this comparison dead on
# 11 Da_Czar @ 06/14/09 04:06 PM
@ jaosming good point there. I felt that EA's audio was such a strong element that 1 point score would not have been fair however I did want to punish them for their poor work on the arena art.

2k's generic audio is not what we want but it wasn't done poorly enough to make it stand out to me once I got involved in the gameplay. In addition to that the custom arena stuff is tight. there was so much more like the piston sound... sheeed. it MELo its just ridiculous.

ANother area i didn't get into for time sake is that 2k has custom playoff stuff in your team colors when you make the playoffs... just outstanding. Including the finals art and finals and playoff wipes they put in. the of course we could start to talk about the celebration they have for when you win the title.

With all that I just didn't feel right letting that go down 3-2.

So it could have easily went how you were thinking just wanted to give some more background on what lead to that decision. You have and Excellent point man. I really go back and forth on these because I want to be as fair as possible so that they will really mean something.
# 12 Melman @ 06/15/09 12:18 AM
Yeah that is so true. That's one of my biggest buzz kills when those small elements are missing from live. And while 2k's crowd is generic sounding it still flows well with the game ( if you don't press buttons thru the cut scenes) Live's crowd sounds more authentic but they are not loud enough to bring you that chaotic atmosphere 2k9 offers until the last 2 minutes of a close game. The producers have told me in an earlier post they look to ramp up the crowd for next year so that has me excited since they have started using real NBA official arena sounds. If they tweek that and actually put every arenas actual custom arena sounds thats gonna be amazing for the atmosphere. So as long as they add all he small details like floor art and crowd animations and framerate, they should be right up there next year.

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