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Have any screenshot requests from our beta copy of NHL 10? If so, post it here and keep an eye out for your requested screenshot on our NHL 10 media page.

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# 1 Spanky @ 08/29/09 10:44 AM
Hartford Whalers jerseys, if they're in the game. If not, then the new center ice art work at the Air Canada Centre.
# 2 LuGer33 @ 08/29/09 10:52 AM
Jonas Hiller
Claude Giroux
# 3 kai123 @ 08/29/09 11:02 AM
donald Brashear
george laraque
Since you said in Screenshot thread, CAP options.
# 4 Kaabik @ 08/29/09 11:08 AM
screen shot of the create a team option/different logo options please.
# 5 pumpdaddyfresh @ 08/29/09 11:18 AM
Anaheim Ducks jerseys, im looking for their onlder ones, like the ones they wore in the 2003 playoffs
# 6 travhave @ 08/29/09 11:26 AM
Alex Burrows please. Oh, and Alex Edler if you have time.
Edit: Since their on the same team, I guess you can probably just skate them next to eachother for just 1 screenshot. :P
# 7 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 11:27 AM
03 ducks jerseys aren't available.
# 8 Kaabik @ 08/29/09 11:35 AM
when you create a team, what logo shows on centre ice. is there any options for editing your stadium?
# 9 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 11:35 AM
OK, from now on if it is a player screenshot, don't ask for players from multiple teams, if you do, 2 is the max. If I get it, ask for more the next go around. I'll have plenty of these.
# 10 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 11:36 AM
With that said, who do you want here?

kai123 @ 08/29/09 12:02 PM
donald Brashear
george laraque
Mike Grier
Jamaal Mayers
# 11 kai123 @ 08/29/09 11:41 AM
Donald and Georges, i edited my previous post too.
# 12 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 11:49 AM
Thanks Kai.
# 13 Jdawg09 @ 08/29/09 12:06 PM
Thanks again Steve

if it wouldn't be too difficult maybe a picture of some of the new goalie pads for 2009/10 (Vaughn,Sherwood,Bauer etc) whatever is easier to find while you search for the other requested photos. Please exclude the Reebok Revoke because we saw the Turco photo.

Thanks a bunch
# 14 SuperKyle @ 08/29/09 12:12 PM
Can we get a shot of Vinny Lecavalier or Marty St. Louis celebrating a goal? That is, if the Lightning are still capable of scoring a goal
# 15 Jays20593 @ 08/29/09 01:36 PM
Could you please take a pic of center ice at Scotiabank Place? I kinda wanna see if they got the logo at center ice right this year.
# 16 Flamesfan102 @ 08/29/09 01:46 PM

Can you please take a picture of Mikka Kiprussoff and Olli Jokinen.

Thanks very much
# 17 wildthing2022000 @ 08/29/09 01:50 PM
Mark Eaton in a mid-nineties throwback(http://www.pittsburghhockey.net/Pens...93RJersey.html). I just want to see if it's in the game.
# 18 Boulton26 @ 08/29/09 02:00 PM
Eric Boulton of the Atlanta Thrashers.
Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres.
# 19 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 02:05 PM
wildthing2022000 @ 08/29/09 02:50 PM
Mark Eaton in a mid-nineties throwback(http://www.pittsburghhockey.net/Pens...93RJersey.html). I just want to see if it's in the game.

Not in the game.
# 20 Steve_OS @ 08/29/09 02:14 PM
Scottdau @ 08/29/09 02:50 PM
Steve a Pic of Sharks D man Doug Murray. I have never seen a game get his face right. I am curious if EA's has him in the game this year?

Odd, I don't see Doug Murray on the roster?

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