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2K Sports have just posted another NBA Developer Insights, this one featuring NBA 2K10 art direction.

"I want to first get into what makes our graphics more innovative than ever: Image Metrics. Before this year, we only used a maximum of 3 different blend shapes per head, which would limit the type of emotion you see on the players’ faces. The end result had the players looking more robotic than human when running around or even in doing simple actions such as blinking. Now, with the help of Image Metrics the facial animation goes beyond what we’ve ever been able to capture before. An actor is actually recorded with a camera connected to their face to capture how facial muscles work and better document a facial animation. Now, simple animations such as blinks are not so much just moving the eyelids, but rather the cheekbones, muscles, and so much more. We took it a step further and sent Image Metrics the actual NBA footage of the players with signature expressions and signature intros, so that way we actually have the facial animation to match the body animation. We are not limiting this to the players either. Coaches, assistant coaches, and others will have better facial models and animations to bring the most realistic looking characters to any sports game you’ve ever seen."

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# 1 thereginator28 @ 09/15/09 08:43 PM
Oh snap! It's up already. That was quick.


Those pics look nice.
# 2 Jamin23 @ 09/15/09 08:55 PM

This was a major point of emphasis. The arenas, for the most part, all needed to be re-tooled to be more accurate. The biggest overarching difference you’ll notice is the improved stadium lighting and pre-game stadium introductions. The pre-game stadium look just has a greater realistic feel, with team colors, spotlights, team PA’s, etc.
# 3 akiracy @ 09/15/09 08:59 PM
reposting from the other thread

if you are interested in image-metrics, check these out

# 4 Starrtech @ 09/15/09 09:02 PM
sounds great and diggin the facial animations.

on the downside, looks like there is still no home/away accessory options =/
# 5 Jamin23 @ 09/15/09 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by stewaat
I'm pumped...

2K is kinda like the tortoise...
They slowly release info. One piece at a time, and than they wow you.
# 6 antoine79 @ 09/15/09 09:17 PM
2k are trying to put the doubters to shame, and I'm praying they do just that.
# 7 Smirkin Dirk @ 09/15/09 09:18 PM
Why didnt he mention dynamic attendance?

Isnt that supposed to be in the game?
# 8 RayDog253 @ 09/15/09 09:23 PM
Was it just me, or did it seem like this was like a rebuttal to Live? Or maybe it's just cause they mentioned the holiday uni's. Anyways, everything sounds good. Great Read....

1 more thing. I can't beleive they got new cheerleader and mascot animations, this is going to be the best game ever!!!

IMHO I really don't think that needed to be mentioned with everything else.
# 9 RubenDouglas @ 09/15/09 09:34 PM
facial animations seem like a whole lot of work for so little payoff. unless im in replay mode, i will never notice... if the gameplay and CPU AI isnt up to snuff, none of this matters. so i feel they might have covered that unless they like wasting money
# 10 The 24th Letter @ 09/15/09 09:37 PM
I mean, its the art directer....talking about the artistic aspect of the game man lol
# 11 NumberOneRB @ 09/15/09 09:46 PM
Loving what I read there it all sounded quite impressive. Good to see team-specific stadium intros are making it back into NBA games again. I'm actually getting more interested in the execution of the Image-Metrics facial models, it appears I may have underestimated just how extensive/detailed it might be. I still wish they did a better job with the fit of the uniforms; they still appear to be a little too loose/bloated and don't drape along the player models as accurately as I'd like.
# 12 NumberOneRB @ 09/15/09 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by RubenDouglas
facial animations seem like a whole lot of work for so little payoff. unless im in replay mode, i will never notice... if the gameplay and CPU AI isnt up to snuff, none of this matters. so i feel they might have covered that unless they like wasting money
Actually I think it will pay off quite a bit considering all the camera close-ups they can use on the players after big plays, penalties, and other time stoppages. It can really bring out the true emotion of the NBA.
# 13 CarryTheWeight @ 09/15/09 09:55 PM
Looks like they took a similar approach to NHL 2K10 in terms of arenas and team intros. Very impressive.
# 14 Smirkin Dirk @ 09/15/09 09:56 PM
Anybody know anything about dynamic attendance?
# 15 magicman32 @ 09/15/09 09:58 PM
great read!!! 2k10 seems like it's going to be on a WHOLE different level when it comes to realism. I can't wait to buy this game.
# 16 davidrc517 @ 09/15/09 10:08 PM
This game looks sick. I love the thought that they put into every detail.

They've got everything that Live has plus a lot more.
# 17 bigballa21 @ 09/15/09 10:09 PM
loving that they have the authentic pregame intro's even though i hate boston(orlando fan obviously)i like boston's intro with garnett screaming
# 18 tbone1 @ 09/15/09 10:15 PM
If they have new authentic mascot animations they need to bring back Stuff the Magic mascot.
Why did they take him out of 2k9 in the first place?
That thing is worth the price of admission to Magic game in itself.
# 19 ZoneBlitz @ 09/15/09 10:17 PM
As usual, 2k is showing why it's number one.

Now, time for gameplay vids.
# 20 Bird123 @ 09/15/09 10:17 PM
That chick is on the soaps!

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