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# 1 DubTrey1 @ 10/06/09 11:06 PM
Don't get me wrong, F3 is a beautiful, deep and sim racers dream.... but the crashes in that vid were anything but epic. When I think of epic crashes, I think of end over end, roll overs, or massive race ending bumper smashes into the barricade wall - especially at speed. I think to balance out a "sim" like F3 is trying to do, and then mix in a balance of pick up and play racer, it would have been nice to really let loose with the damage models and physics to allow full blown damage ala GriD or DiRT. Just IMO....
# 2 AUChase @ 10/07/09 11:10 AM
I see nothing "epic" about this video, either.. haha.
# 3 Phobia @ 10/07/09 11:50 AM
I was a Forza 2 nut. I still play it, well I did play it until I got Dirt 2. Now that is a racing game with EPIC crashes. Real sense of speed, with a bit of "OMG I can lose control of this powerful machine at any moment" giving you a hold your breath feeling. After playing Dirt2, I can't honestly say that Forza 3 feels slowwwwwwww and no where near as engaging that you are truly racing FAST.

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