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Three new boxers will be included in the December DLC pack for Fight Night Round 4, Evander Holyfield, Sonny Liston and Bernard Hopkins.

In addition to the DLC, a December gameplay patch will also include the following fixes:

Game Play Updates
- Adjusted the locomotion speed at close proximity so that your opponent can no longer trap you with glued feet
- Increased the stamina cost when continually punching
- Increased stamina loss when continually weaving
- Increased stamina loss for users that spam upper body movement
- Can no longer perform a perfect block when spamming the block
- Increased the stamina cost when continually running away from your opponent
- No illegal blows can be thrown by either user when one user is in a stun state
- Increased stamina cost of Haymakers
- Tuned punch accuracy when opponents are moving their head
- Reduced locomotion speed when throwing punch combos

Create Player Updates
- Allow users to duplicate and edit ratings of licensed boxers

Online World Championship Updates
- Improved cheat detection logic

General Updates
- Various Bug fixes

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Member Comments
# 1 ODogg @ 11/24/09 04:28 PM
No increase of flash knockouts? That's what I was mostly hoping for.
# 2 acts238shaun @ 11/24/09 05:53 PM
I'm buying this for the PS3 depending on how this update works. Are the above fixes for online and offline? I own this already for the 360, I'll wait to sell the game and system until after the update.
# 3 HotSauce2k3 @ 11/24/09 06:18 PM
Was there ever any elaboration on "Improved cheat detection logic"? What exactly does this fix?
# 4 OhDaesu19 @ 11/25/09 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by TheCreep
No perfect block when spamming block,
Can you please explain what a spamming block is? I know it should be self explanatory but I am having a brain fart. Thanks in advance.
# 5 Pappy Knuckles @ 11/25/09 06:19 PM
I can't wait.
# 6 clivo1050 @ 11/25/09 06:35 PM
if these work as planned, this could be epic. I stopped playing fn4 online cuz of the cheesing.

Now all they need to tune is the jab and cross and we could have a great boxing SIM.
# 7 cjallure24 @ 11/25/09 07:32 PM
Man, this game gets better and better for me. This just adds to the replay value for me.
# 8 mr_president @ 11/26/09 01:01 PM
when they say locomotion do they mean suction??
# 9 DaveDQ @ 12/01/09 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by TheCreep
Spamming block basically is when folks hit the corresponding button at a high rate of speed.

Upper body spamming is when said folks hit the block button and swivel the upper body around constantly and very fast. So now in addition to it looking foolish (in my opinion) lol, its going to sap all of your stamina, as it should if you ask me.
"It's going to sap all your stamina" is what we hope for. Whether or not the patch does that is another story. The first patch adjusted stamina with continuous punching, but not enough. I want to see a guy breakdown early because he throws and moves around too much.

But I agree. I sure hope it all gets fixed.
# 10 Steven547 @ 12/01/09 06:47 PM
Being able to edit licensed boxers? That will definitely get me back into playing this game again! I'm sure we'll have to have a "licensed boxers edit" thread.
# 11 nickelplaydit @ 12/02/09 04:29 PM
As much as praise this new patch, i gotta say that the cheesers will find somn new to exploit....its a never ending battle...

but regardless im very happy about the new additions...even lesser loses to cornballs is around the corner
# 12 Steven547 @ 12/03/09 10:50 AM
I assume that the licensed boxers edit is going to be a separate download because it's not in this last patch....?

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