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Here is your chance to ask the Producers of UFC Undisputed 2010 a question or 2 about their upcoming game. Please make them as detailed as possible. They will pick a select few of them and get back to us as soon as possible.

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# 1 Phillmattic @ 02/23/10 08:47 PM
Although some fighters had their own signature moves, everyone generally felt the sameas far as movement, speed, and abilities. What can we expect as far individual fighters having their own unique "feel" this year?
# 2 jb12780 @ 02/23/10 08:52 PM
What modifications have you made to career mode? Last year if your fighter was about 7-0 it was very diffucult to fight that top tier of guys. If you pick BJJ and muai thai as your specialty, are you going to be have relatively equal to your competition in skill?
# 3 MizzouBravesFan @ 02/23/10 09:46 PM
In Undisputed 09 leg kicks were virtually non existent. Has this been changed for 10? More specifically, can you check leg kicks and defend them and will they have any effects on fighters if sustained?
# 4 cheez7 @ 02/23/10 10:13 PM
In terms of online play, has anything been done to curb a player constantly spamming transition blocks?
# 5 BUCTD3 @ 02/23/10 10:50 PM
How will the changes to the grappling component affect the submission game? Will the new skills both in striking, wrestling, and submissions that you can add to created fighter be done through training or will they be added in another way?
# 6 BSanders @ 02/24/10 05:04 AM
Is Cpu vs Cpu in this year and will we have the option to watch cpu fights in career mode?
# 7 jkeyz21 @ 02/24/10 05:19 AM
Can you talk more about the ducking and new movements that been added this year, I think player movement was most of are problems especially online every body felt the same (movement wise).
# 8 jkeyz21 @ 02/24/10 05:28 AM
Sorry Phillmattic said basically the same thing
# 9 SHAKYR @ 02/24/10 10:11 AM
I want to know is the CAF as deep as Smackdown's? Is CPU vs. CPU matches in this year? Will we be able to defend title outside of career mode?
# 10 Stumbleweed @ 02/24/10 04:52 PM
Spectator mode in CPU-CPU fights (setting up PPVs for example) and/or online? Offline is a bigger/more realistic deal, but it would be ridiculously awesome for online.
# 11 jb12780 @ 02/24/10 07:26 PM
I saw your blog on ufcundisputed.com and it the d'arce choke would be added this year. Will the anaconda choke be added as well? Thanks.
# 12 jb12780 @ 02/24/10 08:15 PM
CPU vs. CPU are in. List on UFC Undisputed website
# 13 BSanders @ 02/25/10 01:38 AM
Originally Posted by jb12780
CPU vs. CPU are in. List on UFC Undisputed website
Thank you... That's great news.
# 14 jeremym480 @ 02/26/10 03:01 PM
Will some sort of replay/highlight system be implemented this year?

If so, will there be a way to upload your highlights or photos online?
# 15 Steve_OS @ 02/26/10 10:47 PM
The Q's were submitted. They will choose what they can answer, then we'll submit another Q&A as more details are announced for the game.

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