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Playstation.blog has posted another MLB '10: The Show blog. This one features the highlight reel movie maker, with video embedded here.

"With the new Movie Maker feature in MLB 10: The Show, save up to 10 of your most memorable plays of the game. You can do this by using our extensive Replay Filter System, sorting those highlight quality plays in any order that you desire. You can show your offensive feats first, including every double, triple, or home run from the game. Followed up by your defensive gems, including diving catches, clutch strikeouts, and double or triple plays!"

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# 1 EnigmaNemesis @ 03/05/10 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by The-BigGeorge
I'm gonna start using Movie Maker more often now

it looks epic and a feature I'm missing out on right now...Thxs Enigma

Yeah, like a game within a game.
# 2 arsenal123gunners @ 03/05/10 07:03 PM
How many camera cuts can you have in one scene?
# 3 miltownkbs @ 03/06/10 09:41 PM
i dont know where to post this, but my RTTS is freezing after BP on all games palyed after about May4, 2010. Are you aware of this and will there be a patch in the next update? I hope so. I was just starting to love the RTTS. I never played the RTTS in previous years. This is a great series and I absolutely love this game, despite some flaws. IM glad to see you guys fixed the problem with hit n run on 3-2 counts with two outs. Last year, your batter would take, you could not swing. Very frustrating. Runners should always move on 3-2 with 2 outs. Glad thats fixed.
# 4 furius @ 03/06/10 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by arsenal123gunners
How many camera cuts can you have in one scene?
You can place 2 camera cut markers, three if you count the first one "play start" marker.
So for the play start marker I usually put the camera behind the pitcher
For the first camera cut marker I like to focus on the batter, and then on the second camera cut marker I go for an overal view of the whole play.
It's a very cool feature although I wonder why you can't move the camera around while it's recording like when recording replays.

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