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The Kartel chimes in with 5 Reasons Why the New NBA Jam Will Win You Over Again.

"NBA Jam's control scheme will be familiar for fans of the original, but newcomers will also have numerous options for controlling the game's wildly addictive gameplay. The game can be played with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk (motion controls), but it can also be controlled by holding the Wii remote sideways.

Although I was only able to play the game using the motion control scheme, the responsiveness is clearly there. You pull the Wii remote to jump and then flick forward to release the ball for a shot. Defensive blocks work the same way, but flicking the controller forward at the right time will improve your chances of coming down with the ball as well.

It seemed that high block ratings for a specific player not only helps them swat the ball, but make them jump higher as well. Despite all of this, using small players like Steve Nash to block a shot would be a challenge, but even despite low block ratings for his character in the game, there was always a chance to block shots with the right timing. And successful results are very satisfying because of the level of interactivity."

Game: EA Sports NBA JAMReader Score: 7/10 - Vote Now
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