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# 1 MaizeHaze @ 07/09/10 11:32 AM
I had to pause it there at the beginning just so I could look at the different years and see how far the player models have come. Great vid! Hopefully next years game won't just a nominee!
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/09/10 04:55 PM
Thanks for finding this jared52.
# 3 Cusefan @ 07/09/10 04:59 PM
EA saving the best for last
# 4 Steve_OS @ 07/09/10 05:52 PM
Yup, no need for "dread" posts. We all know they aren't in the game. It's getting old. The people that talked about dreads in this post are lucky they were not banned.
# 5 PantherBeast_OS @ 07/09/10 06:20 PM
Very nice that OS was mention in the video. The models look nice along with the gameplay aswell.
# 6 Barkley7 @ 07/09/10 07:55 PM
# 7 Evan_OS @ 07/09/10 08:54 PM
Nice to see the Site get a little bit of recognition.
# 8 Bolt957 @ 07/09/10 09:28 PM
I love how they show all the college games from the past up to now. And to think, I have most of those games. The only one i didn't get was NCAA 2002. Love this video.
# 9 CYST2000 @ 07/10/10 12:29 AM
Sweet plug for OS, and the game has changed quite ah bit from the first game. This is going to be a great year for football fans. Cool video.
# 10 AUChase @ 07/12/10 09:56 AM
That's pretty cool.
# 11 DTX3 @ 07/13/10 01:01 PM
Operation Steve at it again.
# 12 stlstudios189 @ 07/15/10 10:14 AM
nice video and OS gets some props. I think that EA did NCAA right this year in all aspects including their marketing.
# 13 fenwaymike @ 07/17/10 12:09 AM
loving seeing my Gamecocks playing against those hated Clemson Tigers
# 14 Espo80 @ 07/19/10 06:59 PM
Can anyone walk me through uploading my roster on NCAA11? Do I have to do it through my PS3? Please help! Thanks!

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