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Members of the Operation Sports website will visit Xbox LIVEŽ and play Gold members in a Community Playdate on July 16.

Operation Sports will be online Friday, July 16, starting at 8:00 P.M. ET (5:00 P.M. PT) playing NCAAŽ Football 11. If you're a Gold Member (if not, upgrade now!), send a friend request or invite to these gamertags:
  • steveos
  • ExtremeGamer
  • Millennium
  • bosox247
  • ChubbyBanana
  • nyisles16

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Member Comments
# 1 Beantown @ 07/16/10 06:37 PM
Just to let everyone know...

There's a quick little row of storms passing through my area. I may not be around until 8:15 or so, but I'll stay around later to make-up for it.

I'll be on BoSox247 most of the night. Hope to catch up with some of you guys.
# 2 Millennium @ 07/16/10 06:50 PM
Unlike the scared Boston resident, I will be around AT 8 PM. And I will be laying the wood as Navy, so come get some!
# 3 Valdarez @ 07/16/10 06:58 PM
Steve_OS & Mill are the two I know the most, so I added you guys. Only got 1 game of NCAA under my belt, but hopefully I can give ya a game.
# 4 Beantown @ 07/16/10 07:16 PM
Mill and I are both around right now.
# 5 Millennium @ 07/16/10 07:58 PM
Finally starting my first game!

It will be my Navy Midshipmen taking on the Georgia Bulldogs of bravesfan100!
# 6 Beantown @ 07/16/10 07:59 PM
Tennessee (Beantown) up 13-0 in the 4th quarter on Holic_OS's Georgia Bulldgos
# 7 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:04 PM
Navy stops the first Georgia 4th down play from their own 35.

Then, after a...ummm...50 foot in the air pitch that goes back for a TD, Navy is down 7-0.
# 8 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:08 PM
Georgia tries to stack the box with Boykins coming in off of Washington, Dobbs finds Washington in the end zone, 7-7.
# 9 Beantown @ 07/16/10 08:10 PM
I'm available once again if anyone wants a game.
# 10 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:15 PM
After Georgia went up 15-7 on a nice run play, navy drove the field back on multiple passing options to the receivers that Boykins was leaving open. A couple of quick options to the left later, and Navy ties the game.

At that point, the Georgia coach had seen enough, and the connection was lost. A pity, as it was turning out to be a real barnburner.
# 11 Beantown @ 07/16/10 08:20 PM
Texas Longhorns (BoSox247) Vs Arkansas Razorbacks (The Auter) about to kick off.
# 12 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:43 PM
Millennium's Midshipmen are traveling to Houston to take on the Cougars. Gamertag coming (missed it)
# 13 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:48 PM
Navy goes up early after an impressive drive on the ground, 7-0.
# 14 Millennium @ 07/16/10 08:53 PM
After a nice drive coming back and mixing up the pass with some spread option, Houston scores on QB dive.

7-7, 2:44 left int he 2nd.
# 15 Beantown @ 07/16/10 08:54 PM
After being down 17-7 thanks to two INTs returned for touchdowns, the Longhorns fight back to take a 21-17 lead with 3:45 left.

Arkansas responds quickly and re-takes the lead, 24-21.
# 16 Millennium @ 07/16/10 09:00 PM
With a FG as time ran out in the second, Navy goes up 10-7.

Houston with the ball to start the 3rd.
# 17 Steve_OS @ 07/16/10 09:01 PM
Heading on now, 1st to send me an invite, gets a game.
# 18 Millennium @ 07/16/10 09:03 PM
Houston's 2nd half opening drive leads to a touchdown, 14-10.
# 19 Beantown @ 07/16/10 09:03 PM
Arkansas beats Texas, 24-21, after knocking down a long pass on 4th down to seal the win. Good game, Auter.
# 20 ExtremeGamer @ 07/16/10 09:20 PM
That was fun, went 2-0. Won an amazing game 25-21 where I was down 21-6 with 3 mins to go.

Thanks OS and XBL community, fun times! Had some fun chats with people outside of the game as well about OS, XBL, and NCAA.

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