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You may have heard the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, after spending about a decade within the sports gaming community, I can safely say that so is realism in sports video games.

So I submit this idea to sports gaming developers to give their games the leg up on their competition: make them customizable. Give your customers the power to define their experience as they see fit.

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# 1 wilson2k11 @ 08/24/10 06:31 PM
Just look at PC sports games. MVP 2005, Madden 08, NBA 2k10, NHL 2004, they are prime examples of how good games could be if the user was allowed to customize anything and everything.
# 2 SHAKYR @ 08/24/10 06:51 PM
I totally agree. I posted a blog similar to this. Gaming companies need to stop being stubborn. I think Backbreaker is going in the right direction with total customization.
# 3 mestevo @ 08/24/10 07:12 PM
I'm wondering how popular modding has to become before the NFL and other IP owners come after roster makers and the sites that allow them to promote their creations.

Even roster updates for fully licensed games past their born on date... likely infringe as the players who were not currently in the game are surely not covered years later when they enter the league.
# 4 Dave Pearson @ 08/25/10 12:52 AM
Great blog Chris.. like mentioned, the only thing stopping this from happening is the fear that one title could transcend the rest of the series and sales would be even lower than they are now.
# 5 JohnnyNutman @ 08/29/10 08:28 AM
this is true. i love madden on PC cos its easier to edit + create players, rosters, playbooks, teams etc.

and sliders are so extremely important, probably more so than the 4 default skill levels. with proper slider customization options, devs only need to 2 or 3 skill levels (maybe even only 1 if the design team is more pro-active in setting up a strong slider sub-community within the game that allows players to rate other slider sets based on realism & difficulty).
# 6 BestJumping @ 09/09/10 08:11 AM
Yes, that's really true, i really appreciate you and agree.
# 7 Cusefan @ 09/14/10 05:54 PM
It would be nice if they started releasing games on the PC again and even release the code for the game. Some Developers get it, releasing the code makes the game better, just ask Valve.

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