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An interesting little graphic EA Sports sent Kotaku today illustrates what most would expect: An actual NFL game crashes Madden NFL's participation numbers. But it still holds on to about 34,000 hardcore users from kickoff to final gun.

"Actual kickoff, just a hair after 8:30 (about 0045 on the timestamps) see all but the most committed gamers leaving their consoles. Interestingly, some 34,000 PS3 and 360 gamers stick with virtual football over the real thing, about 8,000 of them in multiplayer.

There's the slightest of bumps around 10 p.m. EDT - that's halftime, with about 4,000 users coming back to get one quick game in, apparently. Then, in half an hour beginning at 11:30 p.m. EDT, Madden nearly gets it all back, spiking almost to its pre-kickoff highs of roughly 58,000 as the east coast gets in one more game before bed."

What about you? Are you playing games when the real games kickoff?

Source - Check out the charts (Kotaku)

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# 1 Gordy748 @ 09/13/10 06:18 PM
Surely they have 2 tv screens, one for Madden the other for the game?
# 2 SDJHood93 @ 09/13/10 07:07 PM
Yeah the only thing better than Madden is some good ol' fashion NFL football. Can't wait to see the Chargers in action!
# 3 Pacman83 @ 09/13/10 07:19 PM
Both. Gotta love PiP.
# 4 Bellsprout @ 09/13/10 07:22 PM
I don't touch my PS3 on game day until whenever NFLN's GameDay Final ends.

Hell, I only even really leave my couch for meals.
# 5 Spear @ 09/13/10 07:45 PM
Two TVs FTW.
# 6 Dog @ 09/13/10 09:12 PM
yea i play a little during the games but i have a different tv thats hooked to my ps3 so i cant muilttask. not during eagles games though
# 7 Buckeye @ 09/13/10 09:22 PM
I play during half-time.
# 8 packers718 @ 09/14/10 01:34 PM
what am i playing at kickoff? the "drink some beer and yell at the screen" game... similar to my experience when playing madden
# 9 RJTurneR @ 09/14/10 01:43 PM
Being from the UK, NFL games on TV come at a pretty rip off price unfortunately. So instead i'll use NFL.com (for big play or TD updates), sometimes i'll find a couple of US radio stations dedicated to GameDay updates that I can tune into via internet. I mainly use both at same time. A UK radio station broadcasts live commentary for one game per sunday, which is pretty helpful too.

I've also subscribed to ESPN Football Today Podcast via MediaMonkey (Music Managment software) which downloads the newest podcasts for my listening.

We're pretty limited over here.
# 10 lisinas @ 09/14/10 03:12 PM
Never playing during the games, neither breaks , though i always go and play 2hours after the game.
RJTurner... there is always some "not legal things"
just sayin ^^
# 11 crob8822 @ 09/14/10 06:05 PM
I never play madden during live games I play either before or after, since I find the pre game shows boring.

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