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Another Tecmo Re-creation from me, this time of the Jaguars crazy hail mary pass to beat the Texans. Fitting that Gus Johnson was there to deliver the excitement.

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# 1 MrNFL_FanIQ @ 11/14/10 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by Piderman
How did you manage to get it out on the same day? Nice video though.
Really boring afternoon games, lol.
# 2 Evan_OS @ 11/14/10 06:58 PM
Nice video, I knew a few of these would pop up after that crazy *** play.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 11/14/10 07:05 PM
Loved it. Great work, as always.
# 4 richierich @ 11/14/10 07:08 PM
nice man can't wait for more videos
# 5 Bolt957 @ 11/14/10 07:13 PM
Gus is acting like he won! Lmbo, that's what makes him one of the best commentators. Excellent vid.
# 6 Sigma4Life @ 11/14/10 07:42 PM
Great job! Love it!!!
# 7 Boltman @ 11/14/10 07:44 PM
That was rather quick of you. Very nice though.
# 8 Chrisksaint @ 11/14/10 08:32 PM
I love Gus Johnson if only he could do every game I watch. Too bad CBS would never let him do a Super Bowl or something, I could only imagine his reaction over something like the porter pick six in the SB
# 9 pietasterp @ 11/15/10 04:35 AM
Your DIY hacked Tecmo videos rule...

They remind me of one of the greatest YouTube videos of all time: the hacked RBI baseball recreation of game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

# 10 acarrero @ 11/15/10 02:37 PM
That was great. Forgot how good Tecmo Bowl was. We really have not come that far since the Tecmo Bowl days.
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 11/15/10 02:51 PM

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