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Gamespot has just posted their MLB 11 The Show hands-on preview. Gamespots' Shaun McInnis mostly talks about the new analog controls and Home Run Derby mode with the Move controller.

"We really enjoyed the new analog controls for hitting and pitching for the way they make you feel more invested in the movements of your players without substantially increasing the difficulty. Hitting and pitching work similarly. When you're at the plate, you pull down on the right stick and then push it up to complete your swing. The trick is twofold: you need to make sure your timing is in sync with the pitcher and also that your upward push on the stick is angled just enough to the right or left that you catch the correct break of the pitch. We hacked our way into a few quick outs before getting the hang of it, but once we settled into the right groove--it's critical to start pulling back when the pitcher's arm is at its highest point during the throw--we had a lot more luck. It's all about getting into a good groove with timing, much like real hitting--which is precisely why our swing got completely thrown off the first time we got someone on base and then had to deal with a pitcher throwing out of the stretch."

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# 1 striper_43 @ 01/07/11 07:47 PM
Looks good. I'm looking forward to the analog controls, especially for pitching because in years past pitching seemed a bit easy. You could basically put the ball wherever you want it.

Now hitting has always been harder for me in this game. I hope the new controls make hitting more enjoyable but we'll see.

It seems like a lot of sports games are moving towards the analog controls. I've really enjoyed the NHL 11 and NBA 2k11 controls so hopefully MLB 11 will deliver similarly.

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