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I'm still in shock the Seahawks won that game. Marshawn Lynch channeled Tecmo legend Christian Okoye by breaking 78 tackles to seal the game for the Seahawks.

Here is the Tecmo Super Bowl version of the play.

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# 1 feeq14 @ 01/09/11 02:16 PM
very good sir

# 2 Watson @ 01/09/11 02:18 PM
You missed Football Jesus and the OL getting downfield
# 3 Aggies7 @ 01/09/11 02:32 PM
Love the tecmo throw backs.
# 4 ProfessaPackMan @ 01/09/11 02:34 PM
# 5 Rawdeal28 @ 01/09/11 03:18 PM
# 6 tjm384 @ 01/09/11 04:22 PM
The game was played in Seattle
# 7 MrNFL_FanIQ @ 01/09/11 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by tjm384
The game was played in Seattle
Since you watched here and not on Youtube, you missed this:

Also, because I know someone will say this because they ALWAYS DO, YES I KNOW THE SEAHAWKS HOSTED THE GAME! TECMO PUTS IN THE ENDZONE FOR BOTH TEAM. So don't be that guy who says "Duuuh, but the Seahawks were at home and that's the Saints endzone!11!!!" I will mock you repeatedly.
# 8 MrNFL_FanIQ @ 01/09/11 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
Oh that makes sense, but next time have them go in the other endzone.
You can't. The offense is always going to the endzone with the other teams' logo.
# 9 RealSeahawkFan @ 01/09/11 10:54 PM
Haha! I didn't get to hear Raible's call. Warren Moon's "Oh my God!" is great. It's kind of a "no-no" in modern broadcasting.

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