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# 1 Fiddy @ 03/25/11 10:56 PM
dude, its an arcade game. its suppose to be over the top lmao.. that doesnt mean its just not good bc of that!! lol
# 2 SeerMagicX @ 03/26/11 07:33 AM
have you played it man? it's super fun!
# 3 Fiddy @ 03/26/11 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
i understand its an arcade game but the other WWE game is Smackdown and that one is pretty arcadish, although not quite over the top as this one. So what i'm saying is they got a pretty good look and the idea of new with old is good and the roster is good but if they did the things i mentioned then i think they can bring back a lot of fans of wrestling games. I used to love wrestling as a kid and loved the games but the Smackdown series is awful and like a lot of people I have abandoned WWE video games.
IMO, the cartoonish ripped over the top bodies are perfect for this style of game. this is how a wrestling game needs to be, they need to get away from the "sim" attempts at wwe games bc they are never any good.

i agree with ya, get rid of the juggling moves, ko's, etc (or give us the option to turn both off).. add all the wwe matches from svr or even just royal rumble, chamber, and hell in a cell. bigger roster of legends and current guys, and small custom music option for entrances. maybe add a lil more no mercy type depth to moves etc.

if they do the above, it will be ever more fun than what it will be on tuesday.
# 4 WTF @ 03/26/11 10:20 AM
What a match. That was very nice, I have to admit.

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