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Sean Ramjagsingh recently posted this NHL 12 off screen image, for the Leaf fans.

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# 1 AllJuicedUp @ 07/19/11 06:07 PM
"Pause menu allows you to see highlights of all the goals, shots, hits, and penalties during a game"

Has that been mentioned before?
# 2 bonannogiovanni @ 07/19/11 06:38 PM
yes, old news, there's an action tracker.
# 3 AllJuicedUp @ 07/19/11 06:47 PM
yeah I knew that, I didn't realize it lets you watch every replay on the action tracker though. I just hope it gives you more than the final second on those replays
# 4 bwiggy33 @ 07/19/11 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by mondoguitar
You couldn't do that in 11?
Well you could do it by pausing the game and going into the replay mode. Now all of those hits, shots, etc will be automatically saved by the action tracker so you can view it at any time instead of going into the replay mode. It's a lot simpler and less time consuming. It should be pretty cool if you like to watch replays or look at stats throughout the course of the game.
# 5 bwiggy33 @ 07/19/11 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by mondoguitar
Oh right on, kind of like what madden does or at least used to do? (haven't played it in a couple seasons)
Actually it will be even more in depth than madden I'm pretty sure. They spent a lot of time on this action tracker/simming system. It's their "big" feature for the year. I believe it's the real deal, or that's how it sounds from EA's point of view. I like that they made the simming more realistic but I'm not big on the action tracker.
# 6 Mikey88 @ 07/19/11 09:09 PM
Phaneuf lookin good in that screenie lol i'm gettin pumped for this game
# 7 TDKing @ 07/20/11 07:27 AM
# 8 N1ghthors3 @ 07/20/11 01:00 PM
Lol @ "Game Manual" at the bottom. Another game where EA isn't going to release a booklet (NCAA Football 12 being the other I noticed). Minimize spending when creating a product & maximize profit by introducing limitless microtranscations. I understand the want/need for money, but geez - EA can't provide booklets anymore? I think referring to a booklet while playing a game is easier than having to be at the menu screen & read everything/remember if necessary.

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