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The official Forza Motorsport 4 website has posted part 3 of their Under the Hood interview with Turn 10 Creative Director, Dan Greenawalt.

What changes have been made to the AI in Forza 4?

There are several changes to the Drivatar AI in Forza Motorsport 4. And, thereís a lot of backstory here too. As we demonstrated at E3 2011, the AI is more aware of its surroundings than it was in Forza 3. For the sake of brevity (not my strong suit), Iíll limit this discussion to AI difficulty and not go into the whole AI awareness and aggression systems. In Forza 3, we trained the AI to make certain types of mistakes. Then, based on the AI driver profile (i.e. M. Rossi) and AI difficulty setting (e.g. easy, medium, and hard), a given driver might make one type of mistake more often than another. The AI mistakes slowed the AI down, but the results are fairly random. As a result, itís a good system for giving the AI personality, but itís not particularly effective at making them consistently slower to account for lower player skill.

We also have different aspects to the AI profile that control how well they corner and set up turns--this relates to how the Drivatars are trained to carve lines. This slows them down consistently, but still doesnít slow them down as much as we needed in Forza 3 for the medium and easy difficulty settings. In order to further slow them down, we removed power from the AI cars at the lower difficulty levels. Removing power slowed them down, but allowed the player to walk away from them on the straights. Unfortunately, this cut down on the nail-biting wheel-to-wheel action. All of these systems in concert created the differences in AI difficulty settings. At the hardest AI difficulty, we greatly reduced the mistakes, instructed them to drive their fastest profile and didnít remove power.

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