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With the NBA 2K12 demo arriving tomorrow, 2K Sports sent us these OS exclusive screenshots, showing the controls. This will definitely be helpful when playing the demo tomorrow.

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# 121 Vni @ 01/03/12 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Bugmenot
Lol, what I meant was:

The controls are mighty nuts and overwhelming at first glance; and even after playing for a while.

But after a week or two, or a few days, or once my bi-weekly check came; I began to 'sexify' these controls; and I was chaining moves together not unlike the taco that I was trying to retrieve on the other side of the chain link fence in New Orleans on Lesseps a few months back.

About grams, I tried to get her to play, and this even stems back from last year when 2k11 came out. She could just never really grasp the game at all, let alone the controller (perhaps because she is a spirit now) so she never really faired well. She did properly execute a charge one day though on 2k11 (although it could have been the dog; I was in the kitchen pouring some OJ for all of us).

Moreover; the controls ain't bad. I just hate the bumps and how fast defensive players move sometimes when I am inside of them.

RIP Grandma

Oh, and I live here now.

At grandmas
I don't understand everything but it was still very funny.
# 122 Colts18 @ 01/07/12 07:49 PM
I thought she was dead for 8 years. Were you playing 2K11 with her ghost?
# 123 arm22 @ 01/09/12 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by Colts18
I thought she was dead for 8 years. Were you playing 2K11 with her ghost?
Well, he did say she was there in spirit. Ha Ha. I'm not sure how she's drinking the OJ though. Great Post!
# 124 RipCity71252 @ 01/30/12 07:40 PM
Anybody been able to off-ball player lock then initiate the "spin out for a lob". Scrimmaging with my Blazers with the Sim World roster + vannwolfhawks' expanded playbooks and he put a nice high low play and was wondering if I could recreate the Camby to Aldridge alley oop.


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