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Eutechnyx Announces 3rd Title Update for NASCAR® The Game 2011

Eutechnyx reveals details of upcoming Patch 3

Leading independent game developer Eutechnyx today announced details of the upcoming third title update for NASCAR The Game 2011. The title update will be available for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

Eutechnyx' community manager, Neil Courtney said, “We have a very active community of NASCAR fans that enjoy NASCAR The Game 2011 and provide valuable feedback which we take on board and which we feel is extremely important in continuing to make improvements to the game. The third patch doesn’t just include fixes, but also improvements that are a direct result of feedback we’ve received from the game's community.”

This third title update addresses the remaining network issues with NASCAR The Game 2011 and will also include minor fixes in the single player game.

  • Xbox 360 - The car randomly loses rear end grip whilst playing online (Loose Glitch).
  • After a severe spin, the car lacks rear end grip and makes it feel very loose.
  • During online races, particularly on the Super speedways, player’s cars can surge backward and forward making it impossible to bump draft. (Online Surging)
  • Online - On the initial rolling start, the formation can be incorrectly spaced.
  • During an online caution when the ‘NASCAR Sprint Cup’ transition screen is displayed sometimes the player’s car can get damaged.
  • Caution lights can be inversed for Texas, Talladega and Watkins Glen i.e. yellow when there isn’t a Caution and green when there is a Caution.
  • Under Caution players cars drive through the Pace Car
  • Xbox 360 - Incompatible NAT (Network Address Translation) types will not be allowed in to the same lobbies. Players will be given a message informing them that there is a problem and detail their NAT type. This will stop the players being removed from the game when the lobby counter reaches zero. The PS3 handles this already.
  • Under certain conditions, super quick lap times are posted to the leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard times are not shown correctly in the Lobby.
  • The game sometimes freezes on the loading screen when launching an online game.
  • ‘Players Still Racing’ message can sometimes be seen in the Lobby even though all players have finished racing.
  • PS3 Paint Booth freezes.
  • In a Lobby, when muting and un-muting players, the cursor can be out of sync with who gets muted.
  • When pitting during an online game, the windscreen tear off doesn’t work.
  • The car should not go in to reverse gear now unless it is stationary.
  • Xbox 360 - Race invitations stop working under certain conditions.
  • After leaving a lobby and then selecting ‘Quick Race’ the game can sometimes soft lock.
  • Veto track shows incorrect amount of players in the lobby.
  • Online – Sometimes players can be racing on a different track to others in the game due to a veto issue.
  • Online, cars sometimes don’t appear in the Proximity Radar.
  • Changing Race Pins stopped working with the 2011 Season Update Downloadable Content (DLC).
  • PS3 – Online, the game will not start until all paint scheme data has been transferred to all players. When the lobby counter reaches zero, the game informs the players this is happening using the lobby status message next to the lobby counter.
  • Improvements
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Bunching up and brake checking, which can result in collisions between the A.I. cars, has been improved.
  • Lobby counter will no longer add time whenever a player joins the lobby.
  • When searching for an online game, the status text reads “Loading”. There are now three different states “Searching”, “Joining” and “Creating”.
  • Quick Race default race length setting changed from 2% to 5%.
The third title update has passed the testing phase with Activision and has now been submitted to platform holders Microsoft and Sony for approval. The approval process normally takes between 1-2 working weeks.

For more information visit http://www.NASCARTheGame.com or follow the game on Twitter @NASCARTheGame or on Facebook.

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Member Comments
# 1 mercalnd @ 12/20/11 04:36 PM
I'm kind of confused here:

I thought this came out a while ago?

There was another thread in early november stating that this very patch had passed internal testing and was being sent to Activision for their testing before being passed on to Sony and MS.

Has it taken 6 weeks to clear Activision approval ?
# 2 Lieutenant Dan @ 12/21/11 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by Errors Occurred
I got this game the day it came out...it took 4 months to get 1 patch out so no it's taken longer than 6 weeks ...Also I don't understand why they are trying to patch the game it's broken 2012 is aright around the corner so I wish they would just work on that one and make sure it's not broken like 2011.
Methinks they wanted to continue to tighten up 2011 to carry over the 'improved' online code for 2012. I sort of see 2011 as a MAJOR beta for 2012, it's been an interesting approach, to say the least.
# 3 Tidefan6869 @ 12/21/11 02:48 PM
I think they are trying to keep a fan base. Codemasters with F1 2010 and EA with NCAA 12 rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when they decided not to patch anything else, even though there were glaring issues in both games. I also think that "Nascar 12", 12 will not be in the name, will be released later in the year. There hasn't been much released about the game and it has been stated that it will be released with 2012 paint schemes. There are several people on their forum that have the tag of beta tester under their name, so maybe that will help the quality of the next game. However, it will not be a first day purchase for me like it was last year. I'll have to see proof first that it is worth purchasing.
# 4 Papi34 @ 01/03/12 07:13 AM
Put this in for the first time in a few weeks today and this patch is out now it seems, if anyone's actually still interested. Just d/l now so I'll let you know if there's any noticeable improvements.
# 5 Brew @ 01/03/12 02:18 PM
I turned on my PS3 for the first time in about 4 months to download this patch. Online runs much smoother and no more paint booth freezing. I havent tried offline. Hopefully, the AI brake checking is fixed. I also noticed online that you dont retain your spot when pitting under caution anymore either. At the very least Im going to try to find some motivation to paint some more cars.
# 6 JMD @ 01/17/12 10:02 AM
Does anyone have any more impressions on this game now that the 3rd patch is out? Is the game worth playing now? Or should I hold off on buying it?
# 7 con100 @ 01/17/12 06:31 PM
I really like the patch. Online is actually playable now. No surging and the loose glitch is gone. I'm actually tight at most tracks now. You can bump draft now but you still have to be careful when you do so because you can still spin the guy your bump drafting. If you can get the game for less then $30 then I'd say it's worth buying again. I checked Amazon most copies are going for $30. You can probably get it a little cheaper on Ebay. One guy on my friends list just got it from Ebay for $24. Try and stay away from Gamestop they will just rip you off. I got mine from Gamefly for $9. I used the Keep option which was $14 and had a $5 off Gamefly rewards code.

I should add if you play offline more then online then don't buy it.
# 8 FlyingFinn @ 01/20/12 08:46 AM
I guess I will finally open the package. Bought the game at launch and it is still in the shrink wrap.

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