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8 Players Advance in Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Competition

Fans Cast More Than 16 Million Votes for Favorite Candidates

April 4, 2012 – Fans have come out in force to support their favorite Madden NFL 13 cover athlete candidates, casting 16 million votes to date. This year’s vote tally has already eclipsed last year’s 13 million votes, with three rounds still to go. Voting continues at ESPN.com/MaddenVote through April 25 when the next Madden NFL 13 cover athlete will be announced on ESPN’s SportsNation at 5 p.m. ET.

  • Cam Newton vs. Larry Fitzgerald
  • Patrick Willis vs. Victor Cruz
  • Aaron Rodgers vs. Ray Rice
  • Calvin Johnson vs. Rob Gronkowski
Second round voting highlights include:

Upset of the Week
  • No. 6 seed Calvin Johnson (WR, Detroit Lions) over No. 3 seed Arian Foster (RB, Houston Texans)
Largest Voting Differential
  • No. 1 seed Cam Newton (QB, Carolina Panthers) over No. 8 seed Antonio Gates (WR, San Diego Chargers)
  • No. 2 seed Rob Gronkowski (TE, New England Patriots) over No. 7 seed Jared Allen (DE, Minnesota Vikings)
Closest Matchups
  • No. 5 seed Ray Rice (RB, Baltimore Ravens) over No. 4 seed Drew Brees (QB, New Orleans Saints)
  • No. 4 seed Larry Fitzgerald over No. 5 seed LeSean McCoy
Round 3 voting is now open and fans can make their selections exclusively at ESPN.com/MaddenVote to determine which of the eight NFL players advance to the next round of the Madden NFL 13 cover athlete voting campaign. Every Wednesday throughout the campaign, fans can tune in to SportsNation at 5 p.m. ET for analysis and commentary on the competition.

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Member Comments
# 1 juggalotusx @ 04/04/12 03:11 PM
To me its set up for Cam to win it. I think Eli should have been on there or even JPP. Im a niners fan but Bowman had more tackles than willis last year.
# 2 DUDERMAN @ 04/04/12 03:36 PM
Why is Calvin Johnson a 6th seed?

More importantly, why would Victor Cruz get the 2nd seed? Because he dances? whoopty-doo

Well at least most of the repeats are gone, all that's left is fitzgerald. Go Newton/Willis/Johnson!
# 3 DUDERMAN @ 04/04/12 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by goravens2052
I keep voting for Ray Rice but I think this time I'll vote for Aaron Rodgers lol. Ray Rice has made it far enough for me to be happy as a Ravens fan. I don't want the Madden curse on Ray Rice. I'm surprised Packers fans have voted for Rodgers and got him this far, last year Rodgers lost in the second round I believe.
Rodgers beat out Suh, Bradford, and Woodhead before being beat by Hillis last year.
# 4 juggalotusx @ 04/04/12 04:01 PM
I think we all believe in the madden curse so if cruz wins I hope he shatters his ankle salsa dancing.
# 5 TheNumber35 @ 04/04/12 04:12 PM
I'm still upset that Tebow didn't win...I wanted to see if the Madden curse could make him play like an NFL QB.

P.S: Who's with me on making a Sebas custom cover?
# 6 azdawgpound @ 04/04/12 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by TNT713
I'm voting for Cam all the way up to til he's matched up with Victor Cruz...

As hard as it is to vote against Cam, I don't want him on the cover. If there actually is a Madden curse, I don't want to have my team led by Jimmy Claussen. He's HORRIBLE. LOL

lol claussen is 3rd string derek anderson is cam's backup lol but thats not much better haha.
# 7 MiNiDiTkA @ 04/04/12 05:05 PM
Bears fan voting for Rodgers
# 8 NDAlum @ 04/04/12 07:05 PM
cam-***** checking in

Yes you cam fellas! Sophomore slump baby
# 9 chronoxiong @ 04/04/12 09:54 PM
Cam Newton all the way. For better or for worst.
# 10 Vechi8 @ 04/04/12 10:16 PM
I think big number 81 CJ upsets Cam in the finals
# 11 HadlerT @ 04/04/12 10:34 PM
Who I want to win based off who I actually like: Cam Newton or Victor Cruz.

Who I want to win because of the Madden Curse: Aaron Rodgers or Larry Fitzgerald.
# 12 funnyfiggy @ 04/05/12 09:17 AM
I want Ray Rice, Patrick Willis, Calvin Johnson Jr., or Victor Cruz to be on the cover next year. Cam should and will win his matchup against Fitzgerald, but partially because of the Madden curse, and partially because of my aversion to rookies on the cover, I hope Cam gets out after that matchup. I like both Cruz and Willis, so the winner will get my vote against Cam.
# 13 ThunderCat838 @ 04/06/12 12:40 PM
Megatron vs. Gronk = EPIC match up! Their both beast and just snag balls in the end zone all day long.... toss up

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