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#3 University of California Los Angeles

The UCLA Bruins have to fight for recognition in a city where USC has dominated the headlines over the last decade. Much like the other teams on our list, the Bruins run a balanced offense and have all of Southern California as a fan base to conquer. It will be a challenge.

Playing in the Rose Bowl extends immediate prestige to your recruiting class pitches. Your visits with top high school athletes will have to instill a belief in these kids that they are the foundation to build the new dynasty.

With a long, athletic quarterback with some quality speed ratings at the helm for the next three seasons, it’s easy to see why this destination is so attractive. The 6’4’’ freshman quarterback has the potential to be something special. A quick-hitting west coast offense looks to be the offense of choice based on the Bruins spring game, so scoring shouldn’t be an issue for this squad, and so the focus should be on your defensive schemes.

Your dynasty begins with the historic stadium that can be a tremendous home field advantage. It ends with what you build to be left on the Rose Bowl grass.

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Member Comments
# 1 Jakeboutte @ 05/10/12 11:57 AM
This mornin' on the way to work, I thought about taking over as DC for UCLA, while having Jim Mora Jr. run the offense. Now I will consider this even more! So excited for 13!
# 2 ratedmoney @ 05/10/12 01:19 PM
UCLA is one of the teams im considering for my NCAAF13 Dynasty. Making them a powerhouse again and overtaking USC is a fun challenge.
# 3 ODogg @ 05/10/12 01:24 PM
I like the Bruins, their mascot reminds me of the Sugar Bear

# 4 Jakeboutte @ 05/10/12 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by ratedmoney
UCLA is one of the teams im considering for my NCAAF13 Dynasty. Making them a powerhouse again and overtaking USC is a fun challenge.
I will defiantly enjoy taking over the 5* recruits in Cali!
# 5 archangelkatana @ 05/10/12 03:43 PM
I have been playing with the UCLA bruins since ncaa 11 with tebow on the cover, and it took me about 3 seasons to really gain traction on USC and get to a bcs bowl game. We also were able to beat usc 2 times in those 3 years, and we added oklahoma to our schedule and beat them that year to increase our rpi. By the fourth year I was finally able to sign a 5 star qb, and got an instant commitment from a 5 star running back in the same recruting class. The prior season our redshirt junior halfback was named an all-american, and that probably helped us be attractive to running backs. Building UCLA to a contender from took me from 2011 + 3 years so about 2014. I may pickup NCAA 13, to see how mora's new squad and recruiting class do with my Bruins. Can I get an 8-count ?
# 6 Elgin2311 @ 05/10/12 05:15 PM
Nothing fun about being a ruin. Fight On!
# 7 bruinkid626 @ 05/10/12 05:25 PM
Definitely one of the most fun dynasty teams to play with.. and I'm not just saying that..
# 8 WeFireThoseCannons @ 05/10/12 11:06 PM
I always consider it, but I hate how USC is the only rivalry they get in the game. Along with them being Adidas they get those lame grey gloves.
# 9 The_Wise_One @ 05/11/12 12:04 AM
I've always thought about UCLA but I'm just not a fan of their uniforms. Agreed that rebuilding would be a fun challenge.
# 10 ven0m43 @ 05/11/12 10:43 AM
I always play as UCLA and having to fight for 3 star recruits, with the occasional 4 star in the first few seasons. I also wish that in NCAA you can gain new rivals over the years, as well as your campus. Have an option to do school/campus upgrades, like stadium upgrades like in Madden.

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