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Owen Good checks (no pun intended) in with an interesting article on, what else... NHL 94, of course!

With Nicklas Lidstrom retiring, there aren't many players left on the NHL 94 roster, that are still active today.

Today, the four-time Stanley Cup champion and seven-time Norris Trophy winner Nicklas Lidstrom retired. All of Lidstrom's 1,564 games were played for a single team, the Detroit Red Wings, and all but one of his 20 seasons were spent on NHL '94, one of the greatest console sports video games ever.

Man, do I feel old.

Source - Another Retirement Marks the Slow Sunset of Sports Video Games’ Greatest Roster (Kotaku)

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# 1 jocke7 @ 05/31/12 06:46 PM
Who are still left?

The ones I can think of right now is Selanne and Brodeur. Maybe Ray Whitney aswell?
# 2 Steve_OS @ 05/31/12 06:55 PM
Owen mentions it in the article.

The game released in March of 1993. Comparing players who had NHL tenure at that time against those who were on the game and also played this season, there are just three: Teemu Selanne, Roman Hamrlik, and Jaromir Jagr.
# 3 gopher_guy @ 05/31/12 09:16 PM
I think the oldest NHL game I have played is 96. I was 2 when NHL 94 was released :P
# 4 savoie2006 @ 05/31/12 09:56 PM
....Where my love for hockey began.......so many memories and games played since.
# 5 bronco92 @ 06/01/12 12:20 AM
Epic quote from Owen:

These games, as much as any record book or any reel of film, are a permanent archive of the days when they shone the brightest, and a means to forever know the glory of their times.
# 6 Eski33 @ 06/01/12 05:45 PM
NHL 94 is an absolute classic. I re-created the 80's Oilers since most, if not all, were still active.

I was in college so I too join the older generation of gamer.
# 7 savoie2006 @ 06/01/12 06:07 PM
# 8 [Icy] @ 06/02/12 11:10 AM
NHL94 The game that got me into hockey games as hockey is totally unknown here in Spain besides the fights that appear from time to time in the news.
# 9 13whitebread @ 06/02/12 05:18 PM
Spoiled here in Detroit watching Nick all these years 4 Cups and 7 Norris trophies. Wish he could have made the cover though a few years back. Will be hard to replace maybe Suter to replace him?
# 10 Wingnatic @ 06/03/12 08:16 AM
This makes me sad.
# 11 Fiddy @ 06/03/12 08:53 AM
only a year or two left..

i wonder if the 3 left playing realize this? lol.. i bet they carry sega's around with them and make all these younger guys play them. ha!!

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