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GamerLiveTV has posted their NHL 13 video interview with gameplay Producer, Ben Ross.

Some interesting stuff from the video:
  • Presentation in arenas/environments has been greatly improved (you'll see 'GOAL' flashing when you score at home, 'POWERPLAY', 'WIN', as well as each nhl arena looks authentic to their teams. Dynamic led power rings
  • Player models have been improved with the help of the new lighting engine
  • Real-time action in between plays, so if a play develops and you crash into the goalie and there is a whistle, you will now see the goalie getting back up from being hit instead of him drinking out of his water bottle.

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# 1 Flyermania @ 06/17/12 11:02 AM
Some great info...the zoom in on Stamkos really showed how great the player models look.
# 2 MizzouRah @ 06/17/12 01:14 PM
It's nice to know presentation got a nice bump as well as more commentary added.
# 3 13whitebread @ 06/17/12 04:10 PM
Yes presentation has needed an overhaul for a while now so very glad to see this come about. I cannot wait till next gen sports video games I think it will be a great jump once the new systems are out for awhile. As a Red Wings fan I just wish they could put my favorite announcer in the game his name was Bruce Martyn he did the play by play for the Red Wings for many years. He is retired now but he was brought back and did the third period of the year the Red Wings won there first Stanley Cup in 41 years. Ken Kal took over for Bruce but let Bruce come back out of retirement to call the 3rd period when the Red Wings won it against Philly. It was a very classy move by Ken. One of Kens famous lines was Datsuyk goes coast to coast like buttered toast. Me and my son were driving in the car and we turned and just looked at each other and started laughing we could not believe what we had just heard it was hilarious. Bruce Martyn was one of a kind it was unfortunate he called when the Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup in 4 straight sweep to the Devils in 1995. But this is just a little snippet of classic Bruce Martyn. go to www.youtube.com type this into the search menu McCarty Goal 1997 Finals, Game 4 with local (WJR) radio call (Bruce Martyn)
# 4 Vikes1 @ 06/17/12 06:08 PM
Thanks for posting this, Flames!

Yep, everything looks and sounds darn good for this years game.
# 5 ComaFaction @ 06/17/12 07:54 PM
Is that an authentic broadcast cam at 2:22 in the vid?
# 6 bonannogiovanni @ 06/17/12 10:26 PM
YES! Thank you for pointing it out, it was difficult to notice, cause it's shown in the smaller screen down and left. Definitely a playable bcam.
# 7 SinisterAlex @ 06/18/12 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by ComaFaction
Is that an authentic broadcast cam at 2:22 in the vid?
Indeed it is! Good eye!
# 8 statum71 @ 06/18/12 08:44 PM
Looks good.

Boy, he has a bad habit of saying "uhhhh."
# 9 Weapon X @ 06/18/12 09:17 PM
Hopefully more accurate arenas; realistic broadcast cam confirmed; a few clips of the new end-of-period shots; snow spraying onto both goalies and (from a previous E3 video) on the glass; and more contextual commentary moments? Nice, very nice presentation additions.

# 10 Unit303 @ 06/19/12 02:26 AM
I am hopeful about this but I wonder what they have done in the lesser team arenas as well. Anything will be better. I expect big things in this year's edition. It is looking good so far would love some screens to better see the new lighting.

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