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# 1 RoyceDa59 @ 07/10/12 11:14 AM
Expect more from that video but I guess there will be a part 2. I did however like the little snippets of game-play they had but is it me i did the dribbling look really fluid, not Fifa fluid but the best I seen from PES. Looking forward to more videos.
# 2 aloncho11 @ 07/10/12 12:01 PM
Great vid! Since 2011, each year PES is looking closer and closer to the real thing!
# 3 RoyceDa59 @ 07/10/12 01:41 PM
Watching it again I noticed a few small things. At 2:12 looks like you can now how different GK gloves types instead of just the black default colour. And also at 2:50 I noticed that they added new stats to the game, you now can see how many tackles that have been won and also the pass completed % can now be viewed through the course of the match.
# 4 Yeats @ 07/10/12 03:33 PM
Really wish Konami would do something about the looks of this game, particularily the animations. Hard to imagine going back to playing such a clunky-looking game after playing FIFA this past year. I will say this though: there is no greater thrill in sports video gaming than scoring a goal in PES while using the player/third-person cam. That alone is going to compel me to at least consider downloading this game this year (PC version of course).
# 5 Altimus @ 07/12/12 12:28 PM
Not much on Football Life which is disappointing... I hope they touch on it more in Part 2 because there is a lot of work that mode needs.
# 6 aloncho11 @ 07/14/12 10:03 PM
I hope the revamp it. That mode is beast
# 7 ezio @ 07/15/12 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by aloncho11
I hope the revamp it. That mode is beast
I just hope they take out the players complaining constantly which I think I heard they are changing.

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