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This might seem like a funny reason to be excited in an industry where game journalists like to harp on developers for a lack of innovation. But in truth, there’s something comforting about the relatively minor changes in store for NCAA 13 relative to Madden 13: namely, we can be pretty sure that no feature will be a miserable failure. Madden’s Connected Careers mode seemed ambitious and interesting. Then we found out that we couldn’t use edited rosters or play other teams’ games in the mode. What else will we find out that we don’t like? The move to real-time physics also looks great. But it takes more than videos to know if the feature works – we need the game in our hands. NCAA 13 is a low-risk title. But as much as it would be fun to play a college football game with huge fundamental changes like those we’re seeing for Madden, we can rest-assured that this game is going to work roughly as we expect.

Is the familiarity a good or bad thing for you?

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# 1 Floridastatefan02 @ 07/10/12 01:52 PM
Who knew getting nothing would be a benefit... Shows how much we trust EA.
# 2 benschoolyard513 @ 07/10/12 02:23 PM
the yard here..

We knew to expect nothing and we got nothing. good one ea. SMH..

the sy
# 3 tical2399 @ 07/10/12 04:07 PM
Its seems like with this whole series of reasons they just pulled stuff out of thin air just to have an article. I doubt the writers even believe what they're saying half the time.
# 4 DGuinta1 @ 07/10/12 05:02 PM
People complain about the scrutiny this and Madden gets, but hey what can you expect when there is no competition.
# 5 dat boi Q @ 07/10/12 11:14 PM
Just reading this blog makes me sad
# 6 sportzbro @ 07/10/12 11:41 PM
Really? So you are actually giving NCAA props for lack of innovation & effort because things "might not work" if implemented. What a joke.

And the "miserable failure" that NCAA will have is the stale, slow, and robotic feeling that its had since initially releasing on PS3 & 360. You can't honestly write this and reason that a lack of features should earn a game points because it means "lack of risk" - Really, in NCAA's case, it just means the game is terrible and there is a clear lack of effort.
# 7 malky @ 07/10/12 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by DGuinta1
People complain about the scrutiny this and Madden gets, but hey what can you expect when there is no competition.
I wish I could give this comment a hundred more thumbs up
# 8 ghettoqball @ 07/11/12 12:32 AM
The fact that this is one of the reasons on this list says a whole lot about our faith in ncaa these days (and EA in general)
# 9 jeffreyw1 @ 07/12/12 08:38 AM
That's true as we have come to know what to expect. Thanks for showing Miss. State and Ole Miss fans some love in the photo. We play in the SEC, too.
# 10 Snake Doc024 @ 07/12/12 10:09 AM
This has to be a joke... same stale gameplay with the same bugs and glitches= good because we expect it?
# 11 dave731 @ 07/12/12 06:36 PM
We knew what to expect because we played the beta all last year...

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