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Kenley Jansenís 2-seam fastball

During his career, Kenley Jansen has struck out nearly 15 batters per inning. Thatís more than two K/9 better than the all-time record, held by Rob Dibble. Jansenís 2-seamer isnít the highest-rated pitch in the game by a longshot, but given Jansenís other ratings, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The pitch breaks across the strike zone and in against right-handed hitters, and more often than not, theyíll flail away and miss. In real life, itís Jansenís cutter than he uses to put away batters, but itís the 2-seam that gets the job done in-game.

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# 1 loganmorrison1 @ 07/18/12 09:55 PM
15 batters per inning, WOW that's insane, i guess the catcher dropped a ridiculous amount of 3rd strikes
# 2 itsmb8 @ 07/18/12 11:51 PM
ill say, 15 per is impossible lol
# 3 wudl83 @ 07/19/12 09:06 AM
According to www.fangraphs.com Kenley Jasen doesn't throw a 2-seamer. Since I am a Giants-Fan and because the Dodgers are in the same division I see a lot of Dodgers-games, too. And I am pretty sure that Jansen's two main pitches are a 4 seamer and a cutter. Good example for 2k being lazy.
# 4 bomccready @ 07/19/12 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by loganmorrison1
15 batters per inning, WOW that's insane, i guess the catcher dropped a ridiculous amount of 3rd strikes
Thanks for catching the typo! Obviously, that should read 15 batters per nine innings.
# 5 GuyinPA75 @ 07/20/12 11:47 PM
Wow! Really? We talk about and decide to cover the game now?

This is not intended to be cruel or nasty. but seriously, where were articles and such for the game months ago?

I have alway thought the MLB 2k series to be an awesome game AND a fun game too.

For the most part, the only press or coverage that Operation Sports gave this great game was the Cheat Gate thing. AND wow! was that was hammered into the ground.

Sorry. Just really upset. Articles like this are past due and would have served the game better when it was released. Not saying it would have saved the game since it is all but on its way out.

But really . . . C'mon man! : ( This really upsets me. Chances of any kind of MLB on Xbox is slim to none now.
# 6 ewingandoakley @ 07/21/12 09:31 AM
wow, 15 k's per inning, he could catch Nolan Ryan for the career k record in about 42 complete games.

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