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Here is the latest Operation Sports - Top 10 Plays of the Week, which we'll post every Friday. A big thanks to all the contributors and TheScrubCity for creating this video. Let us know what you think.

Please make sure you submit your videos to TheScrubCity for a chance to get your top play(s) featured on OS.

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# 1 VDusen04 @ 08/31/12 09:01 PM
As someone who more or less hasn't touched a football video game since NFL 2K5, I'm really easily impressed with a lot of these animations I've been seeing in the Top Tens, both from Madden and NCAA. I might have liked #5 on the countdown better than #1.
# 2 PackerBacker123 @ 08/31/12 10:04 PM
#7 wuz madden 13: playing with the canton greats
# 3 THE YAMA @ 08/31/12 10:34 PM
#3 play! Hope to get more on there!
# 4 kingsofthevalley @ 08/31/12 10:39 PM
Madden/NCAA 13 both do lots of things well this year, but most of the those plays were straight cheddar cheesly lol. OS is not the place for those videos brother.
# 5 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 09/01/12 01:00 AM
Man. I cant believe it took THIS long for OS to do this.

So cool

and wow a Brandon Irwin sighting!
# 6 TracerBullet @ 09/02/12 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by ace902
just a quick edit number 5 was steveace the terrell owns catch
Yep, and I was number 4 with the Toledo return.
# 7 MrGameW1nner @ 09/02/12 01:40 PM
Please tell me I am not the only one who saw what happened in number 9? How do you juke and make people behind u fall? Wow. That is all. Oh yea before that it was a great run and block by the wideout.
# 8 Majingir @ 09/03/12 04:54 PM
Cool to see my video not only made top 10, but came in at #2!
# 9 TheScrubCity @ 09/03/12 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by Majingir
Cool to see my video not only made top 10, but came in at #2!
Yesssir keep sending in those hockey plays!
# 10 Majingir @ 09/03/12 10:50 PM
Originally Posted by TheScrubCity
Yesssir keep sending in those hockey plays!
lol, I should, cause it seemed like most of the plays on the top 10 have been football.

Hopefully others start sending in NHL plays more often once NHL13 releases next week
# 11 Brandwin @ 09/04/12 09:30 AM
Yeah, this is a pretty cool feature OS has. I didn't expect my video to make it in, so it was nice to see it.

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