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Season Pass makes a return in Forza Horizon. Just like in Forza Motorsport 4, the Season Pass will allow you to download monthly DLC's. If you're not a fan of the Season Pass, you can always download the packs separately. The first expansion pack will be available on December 18th.

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Member Comments
# 1 lnin0 @ 09/19/12 07:24 PM
Horizon Festival...stupid name. A story....bleh. Starter VW for everyone...boo. Still can't wait even though this preview focused on a few design choices I would never request in a racer.

I was just reading through the Eurogamer preview,

Funny, then, that when the series turns to the big, wide American landscape for the open world racer Forza Horizon it does so with the British inflections of Playground, a studio formed from veterans of Codemasters, Black Rock and Bizarre. Be thankful that it does.
Did not know this. That is a fine heritage of racing game developers. It also explain some of the influences. While Eurogamer said, "The festival that frames the campaign feels like it's drifted in from the likes of Dirt and Grid, as do the slightly self-conscious youth culture trappings." it seemed like all the great influences and gameplay overwhelm these small miscues.
# 2 DIRRTY30 @ 09/19/12 08:24 PM
I am so pumped to play an open world Forza game. I also like the idea of the Horizon Festival. It will give more life to the game and make it actually feel like you are existing in a real world and racing for a purpose.
# 3 pk500 @ 09/19/12 08:26 PM
I'm 47 years old, far from the demographic this game is targeting.

Yet the entire concept of Forza Horizon still intrigues the hell out of me because I love cars and because I think Microsoft will do the open-world concept right.

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