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Thanks to pjt8405, here is a full list of transactions needed for the next NBA 2K13 roster update, which includes name, contract status, position played and jersey number.

Fully Guaranteed Players Missing

New York Knicks
  • James White – 1 year Guaranteed contract - SF/SG - #4
Detroit Pistons
  • Kyle Singler – 3 year guaranteed contract - SF/PF - #25
  • Slava Krostov – One year guaranteed with non-guaranteed team option for 2nd year - C/PF - #55
Toronto Raptors
  • Alan Anderson – One Year Contract Guaranteed - SF/SG - # 6
San Antonio Spurs
  • Nando De Colo - 2 year guaranteed contract - SG/PG - #25
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Joel Freeland – 3 year guaranteed contract - PF/C - #19
  • Victor Claver – 3 year guaranteed contract - SF/PF - #18
Non-Guaranteed Players Missing

Philadelphia 76ers
  • Maalik Wayns – Unguaranteed - PG - #18
Charlotte Bobcats
  • Cory Higgins - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #11
Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Donald Sloan - Unguaranteed - # 15
Miami Heat
  • Terrell Harris - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #14
New Orleans Hornets
  • Brian Roberts - Unguaranteed - PG - #22
  • Lance Thomas - Unguaranteed - SF/PF - #42
Utah Jazz
  • Kevin Murphy – 2 year unguaranteed - SF/SG - #55
New York Knicks
  • Chris Copeland - Unguaranteed - PF/SF - #14
Los Angeles Lakers
  • Darius Johnson Odom - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #7
  • Robert Sacre - Unguaranteed - C - #50
Orlando Magic
  • Dequan Jones - Unguaranteed - SF/SG - #20
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Julyan Stone – Unguaranteed contract - PG/SG - #10
Houston Rockets
  • Scott Machado - 2 year partially guaranteed contract - PG - # 1
  • Greg Smith - Unguaranteed - C/PF - #4
Phoenix Suns
  • PJ Tucker – unguaranteed contract - SF/PF - #17
  • Luke Zeller - Unguaranteed - PF/C - #40
  • Diante Garrett - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #10
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Will Conroy - Unguaranteed - PG - #5
Golden St. Warriors
  • Kent Bazemore – Unguaranteed - SG - #20
Players that need to be added from Free Agent Pool


Players that need to be removed

Remove players from Free Agent Pool, due to overseas signing
  • Terrence Williams - Signed in China
  • Von Wafer - Signed in China
  • Gilbert Arenas - Pending deal to sign in China
  • Jamaal McGloire - Player Development coach for raptors
  • Garret Siler - Signed in China
  • Hamady N'Diyae - Signed in China
  • Jermaine Taylor - Signed in Spain
  • Mehmet Okur - Retired
  • Sundiata Gaines - Signed in China
  • Anthony Carter - Development coach on Nuggets staff
  • Gani Lawal - Signed in Italy
  • Brian Skinner - Retired
  • Malik Allen - Retired
  • Trey Johnson - Signed in Italy
  • Chris Quinn - Signed in Spain
  • Charlie Bell - Signed in Italy
Assistant Coach Changes for accurate Association Mode

Dallas Mavericks
  • Jim O’Brien replaces Terry Stotts as Stotts is now the Head Coach of the Blazers.
Memphis Grizzlies
  • Dave Joerger replaces Henry Bibby as Bibby is still there but Joerger is the lead Asst. along with being one of the top up and coming coaching candidates.
Sacramento Kings
  • Alex English replaces Mario Elie as Elie has moved to the NJ Nets coaching Staff.
Los Angeles Lakers
  • Bernie Bickerstaff is Interim Head Coach. Eddie Jordan is Lead Assistant Coach replacing John Kuester
Utah Jazz
  • Jeff Hornacek replaces Scott Layden as Layden has taken a Asst.GM position with the Spurs.
Orlando Magic
  • James Boreggo replaces Patrick Ewing as lead Asst. Coach. He is the lead Asst. this year under new Head Coach Jacque Vaughn.
New Jersey Nets
  • PJ Carlesimo replaces Sam Mitchell - Mitchell is a Studio Analyst as Carlesimo has been the lead Asst. Since last season.
Toronto Raptors
  • Johnny Davis replaces Alex English - Alex English is coaching with the Kings since last season.
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Terry Porter replaces Bill Laimbeer (now NBA TV analyst) - Porter has been on staff since last season and is the lead Asst.
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Jay Triano replaces Bernie Bickerstaff as he was let go after Terry Stotts was hired as Head Coach
Chicago Bulls
  • Ron Adams is lead Assistant Coach not Ed Pinckney as Pinckney was only added as of last season.
Atlanta Hawks
  • Lester Connor is Lead Assistant Coach over Bob Bender.
Phoenix Suns
  • Elston Turner is Lead Assistant Coach as Bill Cartwright was released late last season.
Washington Wizards
  • Don Newman replaces Sam Cassell as lead Asst. Coach. Newman comes over from Spurs staff.
2KInsider added/removed the following players in new update

  • Jonny Flynn
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Josh Powell
  • Derrick Brown
  • Alexey Shved - T-Wolves - Generic CAP
  • Mirza Teletovic - Nets - Generic CAP
  • Pablo Prigioni - Knicks - Generic CAP

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Member Comments
# 1 ksuttonjr76 @ 11/10/12 07:51 AM
Paul George is 6'10. I've been tweeting that information to the "2K Insider" for over a month now...is it really that hard to change that information?
# 2 renotiongson @ 11/10/12 07:53 AM
C'mon ronnie2k, talk to the team for us, stop giving us half-baked updates. It's already a week in the season and we still dont have a decent update.
# 3 eaterofworlds888 @ 11/10/12 07:55 AM
Glad to see Teletovic in but still a underwhelming update. Glad I don't have to restart Association though.
# 4 rvn1 @ 11/10/12 07:56 AM
anyone noticed any ratings boast for any players
# 5 JerzeyReign @ 11/10/12 08:03 AM
Ok, you know, I tried to give them a pass on the last update but this is crazy that all of these guys are still missing.

I think we need someone to explain to the community what the hold up is. Maybe it takes a few to gather ratings on players? Give us some reasoning behind these lackluster updates.

Whatever... this is disappointing. And just like the other thread, I'll tweet it out hoping they see it. Attention to detail, or lack there of, is killing the support of a very good game.
# 6 SavoyPrime @ 11/10/12 08:06 AM
Just to ask, can players with non-guaranteed contracts even be added to the game?
# 7 SiRRreal @ 11/10/12 08:07 AM
The 2kInsider needs the Kobe death stare! This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!
# 8 seanbarkley @ 11/10/12 08:11 AM

Now it's too late, but I'll show you all my gratitude next october.

Enough is enough man. This is the last year they laugh in my face.
# 9 Goffs @ 11/10/12 08:14 AM
Why can't they put the detail to the rosters like they do with the court updates?
# 10 Painkiller1974 @ 11/10/12 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by Goffs
Why can't they put the detail to the rosters like they do with the court updates?
because they are ashamed
# 11 Find_the_Door @ 11/10/12 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by rvn1
anyone noticed any ratings boast for any players
Lillard went up from a 71 to a 77
# 12 superj @ 11/10/12 08:25 AM
So basically they added 1 or 2 players and nothing else? what a load of *$#(%. Honestly why even come out with a update...just pick a date in the near future when 2k knows they get all this done. I don't see the point of these mini updates, is it suppose to make the game a bit more exciting each time or what?? I don't get it.
# 13 imdrbbro @ 11/10/12 08:31 AM
this **** is ***!
# 14 TorreyG @ 11/10/12 08:35 AM
There is no Andre Drummond should still be rated a 59
# 15 Find_the_Door @ 11/10/12 08:37 AM
Remaining changes needed for Portland:


Victor Claver
Joel Freeland


Elliot Williams (Achilles)

Needed Player Edits:

Damian Lillard:


Left Arm (Padded Sleeve)

Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

Add Tattoos

LaMarcus Aldridge:


Right Arm (Padded Sleeve)

Add Beard (if Possible)

Shoe Style (Nike Hyperposite) add them to game

Dunk Package 4: Basic Two-Handers off Two

Nicolas Batum:


Left Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Right Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Shorts (Pressure Shorts)

Shorts Color (Black)

Wesley Matthews:

Shooting Form: Release 71

Shot Base: T. Duncan

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

Left Knee (Sleeve) Fix glitch that doesn't allow for combo of Calf Sleeve and knee pads

Right Knee (Sleeve)

Luke Babbitt:

Shooting Form: Release 35

Shot Base: Set Shot 2

Right Arm (Padded Sleeve Black)

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Cald Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Will Barton:

Add Headband

Nolan Smith:

Add Headband

Medium socks

Add Black rubberband to left wrist

Crazy light II's
# 16 imdrbbro @ 11/10/12 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by rvn1
anyone noticed any ratings boast for any players
jason kidd to 80 ? i think
# 17 Eaglerock562 @ 11/10/12 08:43 AM
Hmmm, I have to say that I'm actually going to give 2K a hand here. At least they went as far as to add Teletovic and Shved in this update, but I'm still kinda confused if you took the time to add them how much more time would it have taken to include Singler with them? Still no sign of Claver or Freeland in the Portland roster and really when you look at it there are probably a handful of players that were on opening night rosters still nowhere to be found, 2K could put forth the extra effort to correct all of that in their next update just as a way to show their loyal customers over the years that they mean what they say when they announce a roster update is coming.
# 18 XenoZograscope @ 11/10/12 08:48 AM
Another year with the same pathetic roster updates there is just no excuse for this at all. That's 2K for ya.

Sent from my iPhone 5using Tapatalk 2
# 19 Norris_Cole @ 11/10/12 08:48 AM
As expected , the players added don't have a portrait OR a cyberface... They are just player models created with the in game CAP system.

WEAK job as always by the 2k outsider
# 20 Colts18 @ 11/10/12 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Removed[list][*]Jonny Flynn
Jonny Flynn's contract with Melbourne of the Australian league has an out clause for the NBA, according to sources.

Flynn has never fully recovered to his prior form following hip surgery.

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