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New Packs, New Rewards and a Whole New Way to Play
Madden Ultimate Team

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels, a brand new way to play Madden NFL 13. With players opening over 16 million player packs and spending nearly 8 million online hours playing games, Madden Ultimate Team – a fan-favorite mode – marries player profile collection with authentic Madden NFL gameplay. Players earn, buy, auction, and trade players to build an ultimate team of NFL legends past and present and make a run for an NFL title. Draft Duels offers a unique flavor, allowing fans to engage in a competitive drafting experience – using special Draft Duels packs – to create the supreme dream team. Big rewards await those who accept the challenge and prove themselves the ultimate draft experts. Over 1.3 million teams have already been created in Madden NFL 13, nearly double the number made in Madden NFL 12 over the same time period, and these numbers will only get bigger as Draft Duels brings a fun new wrinkle into one of the most beloved modes in Madden NFL.

“We’re excited to continue delivering fresh, engaging content to Madden NFL 13, most recently with the new Draft Duels competition in Madden Ultimate Team,” said Cam Weber, GM of American Football at EA SPORTS. “With the season in full swing we’re pleased to provide yet another way for football fans to interact with their favorite sport 24/7.”

Draft Duels brings a unique twist to Madden Ultimate Team, as fans will take turns selecting players not only from their own special Draft Duels packs, but their opponent’s Draft Duels packs as well. Each round, players choose one NFL star to add to their team, and then swap packs. This back-and-forth challenge continues until all players have been claimed, at which point a head-to-head game begins. Strategy plays an important role, as not only must fans try and craft the best team possible, but they also have to keep their opponent from claiming too many highly-rated players.

Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels are chock full of rewards, as every match offers the opportunity to claim coins and/or player profile packs based on who drafted the best team and who wins the head-to-head matchup. The bigger the match the better the prizes, with the biggest competitions offering huge coin payouts or exclusive player profile packs. Best of all, no one goes home empty-handed after a Draft Duel, as each fan gets to keep all the players they selected for their team.

Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels create exciting, unpredictable matches that test not only on-field skills, but strategic prowess as well. This rewarding new mode gives fans an intriguing new way to enjoy Madden NFL 13.

To read more about Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels, check out the latest EA Sports blog.

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Member Comments
# 1 Hades71 @ 11/30/12 11:00 AM
This mode will be huge in japan.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 11/30/12 01:45 PM
Just added a video for those interested in the mode.
# 3 onac22 @ 11/30/12 01:55 PM
Wow another useless mode. Meanwhile the wind arrow is still backwards.
# 4 NDAlum @ 11/30/12 02:33 PM
1.3 million? We're screwed guys
# 5 SynShadowzz @ 11/30/12 03:17 PM
# 6 DarkOmnios @ 11/30/12 05:27 PM
Sometimes Ea treats Madden like a game that really dont need to be fix...this update and update 4 are so much funny...
# 7 RandyBass @ 11/30/12 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by NDAlum
1.3 million? We're screwed guys
Don't be fooled by numbers thrown out in these press releases. I created a team this year, played the mode for about a half an hour and thought it was pretty lame. I haven't touched the mode since, yet I'm part of the 1.3 million. They know this too.
# 8 Farmer joe @ 11/30/12 11:56 PM
Let's all gather up our copies of M13 and hurl them at EA, Josh Looman, and especially the "Game Changers"
Thanks for an update to a useless mode. Waste of 26 MBs on my system.
# 9 SJHalt621 @ 12/01/12 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by Farmer joe
Let's all gather up our copies of M13 and hurl them at EA, Josh Looman, and especially the "Game Changers"
Thanks for an update to a useless mode. Waste of 26 MBs on my system.
From what has been written game changers weren't given the role to look into the game..they weren't even asked for input or their concerns..they didnt even get to test CCM..so blame away but from what I have read they didnt get a chance to assist as was publicly stated

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# 10 lavy23 @ 12/01/12 11:32 PM
I don't even understand what's going on in this mode, so there's no way any of the casual fans that love ultimate team will get it either.
# 11 mavfan21 @ 12/04/12 01:48 PM
I have never played nor do I have any desire to play this mode.

It seems so far removed from the actual game itself, some tacked on card collecting and trading Pokemon/Magic stuff.

Why not commit more resources to fixing...oh, maybe gameplay issues and CCM problems?

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