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Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder, Andrew McCutchen has been announced as the third candidate for the MLB 13 The Show cover, which will be voted on by fans.

CC Sabathia and Bryce Harper have already been announced as candidates with more on the way.

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# 1 LastActionHero @ 12/18/12 01:43 PM
I'll vote for him!
# 2 sydrogerdavid @ 12/18/12 01:55 PM
Yep. Unless there is a surprise Cardinal candidate, I'm voting for Cutch.
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 12/18/12 02:21 PM
I vote for Russell

# 4 BoSox5 @ 12/18/12 02:27 PM
I'm on the McCutchen bandwagon too, though I'd be happy with him or Posey.
# 5 Bluejaysfan65 @ 12/18/12 02:37 PM
It looks like all the players in the first few screenshots are the cover athlete candidates.

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# 6 tree3five @ 12/18/12 02:44 PM
He has my vote
# 7 zippy2212 @ 12/18/12 02:47 PM
Count me in as well.
# 8 Spaced Ace @ 12/18/12 02:54 PM
He's got my vote.
# 9 LowerWolf @ 12/18/12 03:00 PM
The franchise player on my fantasy team; I'll vote for Cutch.
# 10 dj will @ 12/18/12 03:19 PM
I'm a yankees fan but Cutch gets my vote bc he really deserves it
# 11 steelcityjames @ 12/18/12 04:14 PM
Cutch gets my vote. i think it's good for baseball to have a star from a "small market" team on the cover.
# 12 Knight165 @ 12/18/12 04:35 PM

Make it happen!

# 13 queman11 @ 12/18/12 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by XxJustAguessxX
Cutch is a great player but I'm going with the kid. Bryce.
You realize if any of the AL's candidates for ROTY were in the NL, Harper wouldn't have come close to the award? His season was average at best, and he is hyped due to the fact that he was so young. Cespedes had a better year. Darvish too, hell even Wade Miley and Todd Frazier had great years. If Harper was 20, the same age as Trout to begin the season, he wouldn't have come close.
# 14 dj will @ 12/18/12 05:29 PM
My idea of how the cover would look like

# 15 Bobhead @ 12/18/12 05:57 PM
McCutchen's got my vote also. Where do we actually vote at?
# 16 pirates1fan @ 12/18/12 06:21 PM
Cutch all the way! I really hope its him. I know Posey had his MVP season and Miguel Cabrera his triple crown, and it will probably end up being one of them, but man, it would just be to cool to see Cutch, and the Pirates, get that kind of publicity. Seems like a great guy. I'll vote for him as many times as allowed! LETS GO BUCS! LETS GO CUTCH!
# 17 Knight165 @ 12/18/12 06:23 PM
Lotta love for Cutch.

# 18 pirates1fan @ 12/18/12 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by HustlinOwl
I vote for Russell

Nice pic too! Cutch doesn't look like a guy who has all that power, looks even smaller next to Russell!
# 19 Tommyklaid @ 12/18/12 09:33 PM


My vote so far is Cutch...lotta love for the NL Central. Wow, I'm biased.

(and a shout-out to Tree and the Buccos!)
# 20 tnixen @ 12/18/12 09:41 PM
So far my vote also goes to Andrew McCutchen!

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