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The Xbox One will launch in November for a price tag of $500. There is no news on what that price tag includes, but presumably you'd have to buy another $100 or so in options such as Xbox Live and an extra controller plus a game or two -- making the total launch price of the console up in the $750 range.

What do you guys think about the $500 price point?

The Xbox One is now available for Pre-Order from http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...=operasport-20.

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# 1 F0rl3fclov3r @ 06/10/13 01:12 PM
You know I will be buying it. I'm a sucker for this, it could have been $999, still woulda bought it. What this does tell me is that based on a $500 price tag, Xbox 360 price will NOT be dropping.
# 2 The_Wise_One @ 06/10/13 01:12 PM
That's pretty steep. If PS4 is significantly lower that's huge.
# 3 EvanRG @ 06/10/13 01:39 PM
I was originally a sony kid, then my first console purchase was the 360 because of its lower price point. I'm already at odds with Xbox One's strategy regarding always-on and used games. If Sony steers clear of that and retails for around $400, I'm in. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content with my 360 for at least another year or two potentially. I just can't justify (or afford) a $700 gaming investment.
# 4 drewst18 @ 06/10/13 01:45 PM
I was expecting this. I will be buying one as I have $299 in points saved at a local store here, but I will be going with PS4 more than likely unless the TV thing is way better than cable and allows me to cancel that.

I expect PS4 to have a slightly smaller price point because Xbox One ships with Kinect 2 and the PS4 doesn't really have anything on that level hardware wise to drive cost up. The reason PS3 was so much more than Xbox at launch was blu ray but that cost is now minimal.
# 5 boxboy99 @ 06/10/13 01:49 PM
Yeah, I am very interested to hear the rest of the Sony launch details. Price might win out for me here since I mostly play sports games with friends and there will be very little difference between consoles.
# 6 eaterofworlds888 @ 06/10/13 01:52 PM
$499 isn't great but it could be worse. Will still probably be a while for me. PS4, 3ds and even Wii U are in line above an XBOX One for me
# 7 Dynastium @ 06/10/13 02:06 PM
$498 too much.
# 8 drlw322 @ 06/10/13 02:10 PM
Did you guys see that amazon have Xbox one games listed for $99.99 are you kidding me if this is true that's just crazy
# 9 TDavis45 @ 06/10/13 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by drlw322
Did you guys see that amazon have Xbox one games listed for $99.99 are you kidding me if this is true that's just crazy
Thats just a price holding spot. Forza 5 is listed as 59.99
# 10 Grey_Osprey @ 06/10/13 02:26 PM
$500 for the system and another $100 for games - that will probably still be full of bugs/glitches and require multiple patches? If that's the case, I'll just stick with my PS3 and PC for the foreseeable future.
# 11 Infamous77 @ 06/10/13 02:33 PM
I've already set aside a K for the system, extra controller and games..Have no interest in the PS4, WiiU and I have a sweet gaming PC..that collects dust..
# 12 chi_hawks @ 06/10/13 02:34 PM
would like to see ps4 price before commenting. id imagine its gotta be right around the same.
# 13 canucksss @ 06/10/13 02:49 PM
IF PS4 will stay away from "always online to play" and rent or 2nd hand games can be played, even at the same price...I will be inclined to buy PS4. I guess I need to cut my Live subscription, which I was a member since its inception.
# 14 trainerdave @ 06/10/13 03:12 PM
This may be the end of gaming for me! Honestly not 1 thing about the new system has me impressed! Biggest early gripe for me is the uncertainty of used/rental games. Developers better bring their A games because if I have to drop $60 on an unknown product that turns out to be garbage or loaded with bugs I am going to be pissed! If I can't sell/trade it then why risk the money spent???? As a consumer if I am paying all of this money I am expecting quality in return. Definetly a wait and see approach for me on this system.
# 15 DKHardee @ 06/10/13 03:30 PM
I'm guessing with the XOne at $499, the PS4 will be $449. Either way I'll get them both but I'll have the PS4 6 months to a year before I get the XOne.
# 16 SteelersFan09 @ 06/10/13 03:32 PM
Since Sony will probably announce a price tag of anywhere from $350 to $450 this may hurt Microsoft. I think it is too much but that is just my opinion. Their games didn't blow me away either which is another bad sign. Microsoft is just not getting it done this time around.
# 17 TIm @ 06/10/13 03:55 PM
That's a steep price... Waiting on Sony Conf tonight!! Anxious to see it.. Xbox One is nice but that price and what we heard before, I don't see myself buying it either.. I predict Sony will be 399.99
# 18 scala42 @ 06/10/13 04:00 PM
Xbox One games are listed as $59.99 on gamestops website
# 19 legacyme3 @ 06/10/13 04:45 PM
I'll be buying a PS4, even if it's MORE expensive than the One. It may be more expensive to buy the console, but the games will be cheaper thanks to the fact a used market will most likely (almost definitely) exist.
# 20 ghm125 @ 06/10/13 05:37 PM
gonna do the wait and see game! i was burned with over heating systems and waiting weeks to play at launch before! the price tag is crazy! will wait and see what ps4 says?...is really time for new systems? ps3 and xbox 360 going good on my end!

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