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EA Sports has confirmed position changes are back for Madden NFL 25. You can make these changes in the offseason of your Connected Franchise. Commissioners will have the ability to limit position changes as well.

Players will also see their ratings accurately reflect their position change based on the realistic difficulty curve of changing positions in the NFL. If for example you want to move Tebow from QB to TE, he will receive an awareness penalty to reflect such a drastic and difficult position change. If however, you are a little deeper at Right Guard, you can opt to move one to Center with no ratings penalty.

Source - Position Changes in Madden NFL 25 (EA Sports)

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# 1 Tweeg @ 08/10/13 03:27 PM
# 2 imskykid @ 08/10/13 03:37 PM
While overall this isn't new information, the announcement did come with a few interesting tidbits. I like that when you move a player to a foreign position there will be an awareness hit when necessary. Hopefully this applies when moving a player from OLB to DE. In the past a 85 OVR OLB could soar to 99 DE with the switch. Scheme and player types will help this too.

Also, while we knew you could import a custom roster to offline CFM, there was still some confusion about whether a comish could import one online. Now we know they can (though good luck getting an entire 32 player CFM to unanimously agree on a roster file).
# 3 The_Wise_One @ 08/10/13 03:59 PM
Always wondered how Russell Wilson would do at defensive tackle.
# 4 nate1986 @ 08/10/13 04:26 PM
Sounds pretty cool, I'd move RG3 to running back
# 5 Gronk4M13 @ 08/10/13 04:29 PM
Not new news, but good nonetheless.
# 6 Gman 18 @ 08/10/13 04:57 PM
I'll move Michael Jasper to QB

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# 7 Cryolemon @ 08/10/13 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by goh
I'm guessing the awareness hit is strictly posistion based as opposed to a per player situation? EX: Denard Robinson or Julian Edelman would take the same hit moving to QB as Arian Foster or Greg Jennings.
I'd guess so, but you would assume that Robinson and Edelman would have better QB ratings than others, so their OVR rating at QB would still be higher even with the AWR hit. Of course that assumes that they do give players like Edelman and Robinson better passing ratings than normal non-QBs.
# 8 Boomdox @ 08/10/13 06:36 PM
I can now move Jamarcus Russell to Defensive Tackle.
# 9 JibberSkin @ 08/10/13 07:05 PM
Good, solid (re)addition to the game.
# 10 Tengo Juego @ 08/10/13 09:08 PM
Position changes are in; does that mean that they've also lightened up on cross-position play? i.e. Can Patrick Peterson play WR? Can Randall Cobb play RB? Can Percy Harvin play RB? Can Joe Webb play QB? All while remaining at their current, respective, position?

Limiting it to an off-season action is a bummer. Say you switch Tebow to TE and Brady gets injured for the season. You probably want to play Tebow at QB. Having the ability to start a player at any position has been abused when it was possible in last-gen Madden, but it doesn't make banning it justified. There is legitimate use for it.

One of my favorite position swaps was moving Reggie Bush to WR. He was so damn good as a slot receiver. I want to be able to have fun like this, again, with position changes.
# 11 jtswag187 @ 08/10/13 09:23 PM
what about as a player, like change yur position
# 12 IrOnKoBe @ 08/10/13 10:26 PM
this is stupid
# 13 youALREADYknow @ 08/10/13 11:41 PM
It will be a bad thing if AWR is the only change when shifting positions. That seems underwhelming considering the move of a higher SPD position to a lower SPD position is known to be overpowered in this game.

Why not also have an impact on things such as Play Recognition and Consistency?

The good news out of that article is the ability for the commissioner to control which position changes are allowed. Hopefully that's a full feature and not watered down.
# 14 Liam @ 08/10/13 11:59 PM
Garbage that you can only do it throughout the offseason

Like someone else said what if someone got injured and you had to change it back.... ???? UHH

Madden should already be out by now. I mean Im getting pretty impatient for my Football fix
# 15 Find_the_Door @ 08/11/13 12:12 AM
Yay - now CFM will be ruined by the idiot that moves DeMarcus Ware to SS every season - great job EA!!!

Not only that they've probably left in the ability to play receivers at TE too just so online play is a blast. Gotta love DeSean Jackson lining up at TE making tough catches over the middle.... -_-
# 16 tarek @ 08/11/13 06:21 AM
Whilst I couldn't change the position in Madden 13, I used to line up Ramses Barden (a big WR) as the number 2 TE (he was much better than the backup scrubs I had) and it worked well.
# 17 Gronk4M13 @ 08/11/13 07:59 AM
Just curious, what are some serious (not joking) position changes you guys see yourselves making?
# 18 imskykid @ 08/11/13 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by Gronk4M13
Just curious, what are some serious (not joking) position changes you guys see yourselves making?
Depending on what defense I run, I'll switch the front seven players to their scheme appropriate position. For example, I could pick up DeMarcus Ware in free agency and move him back to OLB for my 3-4. Also move smaller DTs to 3-4 DE.
# 19 A_New_Classic @ 08/11/13 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by Gronk4M13
Just curious, what are some serious (not joking) position changes you guys see yourselves making?
The most obvious things this will be used for in realistic situations is if you're switching from 3-4 to 4-3 so you can change the OLBs, DEs, and DT's around to fit the scheme right. Also for shuffling the offensive line, LT to RT, C to G, G to C, etc. Maybe FS to SS as well.

Absolutely happy with this re-addition to the game.
# 20 imskykid @ 08/11/13 02:16 PM
I might also try to draft a mobile QB and move him to WR, which happens quite a bit. In 13, there were a few QB's with ridiculous athleticism who would've been fun to try at WR. It also wouldn't be too much of a stretch to move a bigger/slower CB to safety, a la Malcolm Jenkins.

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