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EA Sports is doubling down on mobile markets, with a free to play Madden coming to mobile devices tomorrow as part of the Madden NFL 25 release day.

This year, EA has had a mobile development team collaborating with the core designers of both current and next-gen games to try to incorporate some ideas and technology into the mobile app. The game will have the teams you expect, but not the rosters as the game will ship with incomplete rosters from NFL Franchises, with the option to upgrade either via an in-game rewards system or in-app purchases.

In the past, Madden has been an outright mess on mobile devices and the hope from the development team is to change that with new touch controls -- ditching the old virtual d-pad in the game. The goal is to get players to play the game with one hand.

The game has been on the Canadian marketplace for a week and the returns are mixed thus far. However, the free to play model does have some merit and it will be interesting to see where EA Sports takes Madden on mobile devices. Look for our review of the new mobile version of Madden soon here on Operation Sports.

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# 1 tarek @ 08/26/13 08:32 PM
Hardly a surprise here. The EA mobile gaming model is now completely free-to-play, even the upcoming FIFA game will be free-to-play. Part of me understands this, as many mobile gamers wait for a 99c price drop unless they are day one purchasers.
Having said that, I just hope the mobile game is a good model rather than a pay-to-win model which will essentially turn alot of people away very quickly.
I plan on getting it and putting some time into in on a train ride or whilst my kids have hijacked the tv to watch my little pony, so I'm hoping for a decent effort from EA.

Having said that, why nobody has explored an NFL or non-licensed college football sim management game on mobile platforms is beyond me.
# 2 TreFacTor @ 08/26/13 11:25 PM
If it's anything like Madden 12 mobile...they can keep it.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 08/27/13 08:43 AM
Headline is a little misleading since only the IOS version is coming out today. The Android version won't available until "fall" according to the article.
# 4 Murph @ 08/27/13 10:58 AM
I'm hoping games like Madden and FIFA will utilize the API Apple includes in iOS 7 so a real controller can be used. Trying to play these types of games on a touch screen with 'virtual controls' is useless! JMHO

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# 5 ZoneKIller @ 08/27/13 12:51 PM
What about the Vita? Vita supports mobile games too, why no love?

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