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In what is the least surprising news of the year thus far, Sony has announced triumphantly that MLB '14: The Show will be the 'first and only next-generation baseball sim.'

For a year at least, this means that if you own an Xbox One you will not get a baseball simulation to play. There is always a chance a company such as EA or even Microsoft could step up to deliver a next-gen product on the Xbox, but right now we don't have any indications on who that will or could be.

The disclaimer in the ad does say that the claim does include only disk based baseball simulations, which means an arcade or download-only MLB title is possible. You have to wonder if MLB will consider this a huge issue or not, and it could be a litmus test for the state of the game period as to whether an MLB game can appear on XBox One in the next couple of years.

What do you think about no baseball on the XBox One next year?

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# 41 bigfnjoe96 @ 11/07/13 07:14 PM
Chris why would pose such a question in a thread specific to the PS4?

Shouldn't such a question be posted in the Other baseball section?

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# 42 CaseIH @ 11/08/13 06:03 PM
Its not like MLBTS wasnt the only baseball game out before, so its not going to be any different, except some ppor saps will be saving some money by not buying a junk game on the xbox system.

I can only imagine what MLBTS is going to be like on NG console with how good it is on current gen already. Im guessing all the things we have wanted that hasnt gotten in will be in the NG game. There is no doubt it will be a classic, cause MLBTS every year seemingly puts out a classic game, and why there Devs put every other sports development team to shame with how good they are, as good as NBA2k is they dotn come close to the show guys.
Sadly its not looking like I will be able to buy a NG console until atleast this time next year. Hopefully finances change for us, but its not looking real promissing righ tnow.
# 43 mlblover15 @ 12/06/13 05:01 AM
as soon as i have bills paid down next year (mid May or later) i will be walking into my local BB and saying give me the PS4, Camera, and MLBTS 14!!! and that is the only game i will be playing on the system til the next year and then rinse and repeat..

on the MS side of things... if they ever decided to get back into the baseball side of life... they have both their orig code for their game from the first Xbox and they have the rights to i believe both HH code and ASB code... could you imagine the game they could put out with all that combined... wow... but wont happen... so I'm Okay with that!!! Go SCEA!!!!
# 44 Yeats @ 12/06/13 07:40 AM
We are offended by this misinformed article as we have every intention of releasing 2K11 for the fourth year in a row, on both NG platforms.

~ The MLB 2K dev team
# 45 heater26_99 @ 12/06/13 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by TheBleedingRed21
This game alone is a console seller.

Xbone can have titanfall, I'll take The Show.

Pretty much this. I had both 360 and PS3 and couldn't make the jump to both next gen's this year, MLb tipped the scale with PS4 for me.
# 46 Unit303 @ 12/06/13 11:32 AM
I preordered at Amazon. Hope I get something decent.
# 47 Dolphins88 @ 12/10/13 12:03 PM
I only wish sony or 2k would make a hockey or football game like the show. This game is going to rock! NBA and bf4 will have to tie me over till then. Hopefully NFL does t renew license w EA and Sony or 2k jumps on nfl game in 15.

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