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All you need to apply for a coaching position is the ability to "chuck the pigskin," own a Sega Genesis and PS2, and have some serious PowerPoint skills. It's safe to say that we all appreciate this guy's effort.

My football philosophy is basically an attacking one. We're going to give AIR RAID a whole new definition. Theoretically how many times do you think a team can pass in a game? Challenge accepted. We're going 5 wide, chucking the pigskin all over the place. Never punt. Onside every time. Chip Kelly will be calling me to learn my offense. We will put on an exciting brand of football, we will pack them into the Alerus Center night in and night out, go ahead and blow the roof off the place and add about 35,000 seats to that place. - Deadspin
Man Applies For UND Head Coach Job, Cites Madden As Experience - Read More

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# 1 Kodii Rockets @ 12/12/13 12:29 PM
This man is a god. #ChuckThePigskin
# 2 onac22 @ 12/12/13 12:53 PM
I am joining special forces next week. They asked me after watching me play battlefield.
# 3 RandallB21 @ 12/12/13 01:22 PM
While coaching his first game EA kicks him and his team out of the stadium for excessive grieving.
# 4 HunterK13 @ 12/12/13 01:37 PM
This man is my hero. #ChuckthePigskin
# 5 XXstormmXX @ 12/12/13 01:59 PM
If he can do this then I will become the quarterback of the Patriots because of my domination in player mode in Madden.
# 6 kt-od @ 12/12/13 04:54 PM
This sounds like something from The Onion.

Funny nevertheless.
# 7 My_Oozing_Eye @ 12/12/13 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by onac22
I am joining special forces next week. They asked me after watching me play battlefield.
That, my friend, was F'ing funny!


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# 8 Iceman87GT @ 12/12/13 08:26 PM
Do you think we'll see an influx of UND teams coached by Christopher McComas on Teambuilder?
# 9 scottyo60 @ 12/12/13 09:16 PM
We are marshall haha yes!
# 10 Dice @ 12/13/13 07:41 AM
# 11 Xtra @ 12/13/13 09:36 AM
The Poll on http://www.grandforksherald.com/even...cle/id/280064/ , which has the full article, is good as well
# 12 JFB123 @ 12/13/13 03:17 PM
Battlefield taught me a lot about war. If I were put in charge of a squad we'd be packed with hand grenades & c4. That's all you need. Just blow sh** up and never have to get too close to the enemy. Just start chucking the grenades. If a tank comes, sneak up and throw some c4 on it. Blow that ish up!

I know a lot of you said you had Battlefield experience but I think my tactics will work better. #ChuckTheGrenades
# 13 Sdrawkcab321 @ 12/13/13 05:05 PM
I got rid of my sega and ps2 years ago. Guess i won't be getting a HC job
# 14 NYBorn81 @ 12/13/13 05:56 PM
I damn near choked on my french fry. I couldn't contain my laughter after the first two bullet points.


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