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Behind every Super Bowl championship team there are plenty of star players and often times Hall of Famers as well. But not every star gets a ring or even the chance to play for one. It's the reason Randy Moss took a trip to New England and, more recently, Tony Gonzalez joined forces with the Atlanta Falcons.

Some players capture our attention with their work ethic, personality, or on-field performance. We love to see hard work and humility rewarded and it's slightly disappointing when the NFL's greats don't at least get a shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Sound Off: What NFL player, past or present, do you think most deserves a Super Bowl ring?

Sports Headlines for January 27, 2014

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# 1 willz1985 @ 01/27/14 01:13 PM
Dan Fouts and Marino, Both amazing gunslingers who were unfortunate to not win it all
# 2 unfriendlyghst @ 01/27/14 01:36 PM
Chris Carter, wake up!
# 3 jhendricks316 @ 01/27/14 03:51 PM
Since no love is given to kickers, I'd nominate Jason Hanson. He was more than faithful to the Detroit Lions for 20+ seasons, and also has amassed the most losses for a player (obviously, a majority cannot be credited to his leg). I am certainly not saying that others named/to be named are unworthy.
# 4 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/27/14 04:40 PM
Jim Kelly, Marino, Barry Sanders.
# 5 elgreazy1 @ 01/27/14 05:01 PM
Super Bowl... my man Takeo Spikes couldn't even get a Playoff birth. :'(
# 6 mike24forever @ 01/27/14 05:43 PM
Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, etc.
# 7 marq @ 01/27/14 06:42 PM
early 90's Bills (out of respect)
# 8 kjcheezhead @ 01/27/14 09:03 PM
Warren moon, Dan Fouts, Randall Cunningham,
Barry Sanders, Ladanien Tomlinson, Chistian Okoye.
# 9 Steven78 @ 01/27/14 10:59 PM
How can you not say Bo Jackson.
# 10 TheMatrix31 @ 01/27/14 11:12 PM
Aside from many mentioned, Andre Johnson.
# 11 mestevo @ 01/28/14 04:06 AM
Tony Gonzalez
# 12 bighat1984 @ 01/28/14 06:04 AM
Randy Moss, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino
# 13 elgreazy1 @ 01/28/14 06:48 AM
I'm really surprised TO was not mentioned anywhere. Say what one will about his attitude, the guy was a baller and almost single-handedly won a SB for the Iggles on one good leg. Guy came close.
# 14 joeyraiders01 @ 01/28/14 09:21 AM
Bo Jackson
Tim Brown
# 15 J_Posse @ 01/28/14 11:28 AM
Jim Kelly
Thurman Thomas
Bruce Smith
Andre Reed*
Steve Tasker*
Cornelius Bennett*
Darryl Talley
Don Bebe
Kent Hull*

Anyone else I didn't mention that played with the Buffalo Bills from '91-'94.

Asterisk = should be considered heavily for the Hall of Fame, but won't be because of the 4 straight SB losses.

from Spurs Nation/Bills Backer HQ using Tapatalk
# 16 Eski33 @ 01/28/14 04:43 PM
Steve Largent, Charlie Joyner, Kenny Easley, Curtis Martin, Earl Campbell, Derrick Thomas, Archie Manning and Fran Tarkenton.
# 17 Phillyboy57 @ 01/28/14 05:55 PM
Brian Dawkins and LaDanian Tomlinson. Two straight up dogs, man
# 18 DropkickCleary @ 01/30/14 11:16 AM
QB- Dan Marino
RB- Barry Sanders
FB- Lorenzo Neal
WR- Cris Carter
WR- Steve Largent
TE- Tony Gonzales
T- Jake Long
T- Gary Zimmerman
G- Randall McDaniel
G- Anthony Munoz
C- Dermontti Dawson
K- Morten Anderson

DE- Chris Doleman
DE- Jack Youngblood
DT- Cortez Kennedy
DT- John Randall
LB- Junior Seau
LB- Dick Butkus
LB- Derrick Thomas
CB- Lem Barney
CB- Dick Lane (I was surprised, Lane was still with the Rams when Detroit won their championship)
S- Brian Dawkins
S- Larry Wilson
P- Reggie Roby
# 19 TripleCrown9 @ 01/30/14 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by 12
Barry Sanders (GOAT of running backs in my mind), Steve Largent (retired holding the all-time record for receptions, yards and TD catches - those records have obviously been obliterated now), Thurman Thomas, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts...

There's actually so many. You could construct an amazing team with some of the greats who never won the big one.
But the real question is, would they then in fact win the big one?
# 20 carnalnirvana @ 02/03/14 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by bighat1984
Randy Moss, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino
my top 3 as well

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