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Super Bowl coverage is pretty boring leading up to the big game. It's a lot of the same conversations and then some weird ones as media outlets try to fill air time. Understandably, no one wants to think or talk about the "What if?" considering we're a mere two days away from the biggest night in professional sports. This is the culmination of the NFL season, it's all about the good, the positive!

Betting lines are on the table, matchups have been poured over, countless names have been dropped by experts who claim to know the X-factor for winning the Super Bowl. But it's the unknown -- the "What if?" that could drive the outcome of a game between two tightly matched teams.

So what if Richard Sherman tweaks an ankle or Marshawn Lynch gets food poisoning from pregame Skittles consumption? Or what if Peyton Manning gets trampled by Denver's white stallion mascot during pregame ceremonies -- then what?

Sound Off: Who is the single-most important player that the Broncos or Seahawks can't win without?

Sports Headlines for January 31, 2014

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# 1 Dr. Banner @ 01/31/14 02:18 PM
Manning for Broncos and Lynch for my Seahawks. Go hawks.
# 2 mrclutch @ 01/31/14 04:30 PM
Maybe you should ask other than the qb. Other than those 2 guys I think each team would have a chance
# 3 elgreazy1 @ 01/31/14 05:48 PM
Agreed, if either QB is out, the game changes dynamically.

Look back at BCS Championship of 2010 (I believe) with Alabama & Texas. Going in, the teams looked pretty stacked with Alabama as the favorite, but once Colt McCoy was lost in the 1st quarter, the game was basically over.
# 4 Ebounce88 @ 01/31/14 08:54 PM
Haha the one time T jack did come in he was 8-9 , with a TD and I believe perfect or close to perfect rating.. Manning for the Broncos, and Ill say Thomas for the Hawks. With all that passing, Earls gotta be out there

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