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If my garage door censor can tell when a squirrel breaks the plane of my garage opening, there has to be a better way to make sure a football (soccer or American) crosses a line.

Recently the German Football League (DFL) voted down a movement to incorporate goalline technology as only half of the clubs supported the measure that required a two-thirds majority. An incident as recent as October saw a goal allowed when the ball went through a hole in the side of the net -- something goalline technology could have prevented.

We've all seen replays on t.v. of NFL games with too-close-to-call moments near the endzone. Shockingly, television crews rarely get the angle that's directly down the line -- a confusing aspect considering the importance of correctly assessing a scoring play. But in an age when we have the potential to create fiber optic fields and pitches with dynamic displays that allow for sponsor logos and on-field lines to change from soccer to football in the flip of a switch -- isn't it time for goalline technology to join the 21st century?

Sound Off: Should the NFL and other sports adopt goalline technology?

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# 1 elgreazy1 @ 03/25/14 11:28 AM
There is no reason they should not, but I think these huge sports entities actually want human error in the game. It simply increases drama factor.

*And if you're into gambling, controversy, and conspiracy, it opens up a whole other set of worms.
# 2 bonannogiovanni @ 03/25/14 11:29 AM
Yes, they have it in rugby, why not in other sports?
# 3 slickdtc @ 03/25/14 12:05 PM
Always wondered why they don't have the goal line technology. It's one of the hardest calls to make, and to settle for the call on the field as being the right one, it's an empty feeling.

Good point that they'll adopt tech that allows for ads to dynamically appear wherever but hesitate to do something that helps the game. Funny thing.
# 4 Kaiser Wilhelm @ 03/27/14 09:50 PM
The issue with scoring plays isn't whether the ball crosses the plane of the goal line, but if the ball carriers knee was down beforehand. The only time I can think of this being truly useful is on those dives over the top.

I think the significance of such a move would be minimal.
# 5 mestevo @ 03/27/14 10:31 PM
Possession too. I think there's be some usefulness to being able to detect when a ball crosses the goal line. Combined with video evidence of a knee/shin/etc going down that would be helpful, but in addition to that if you can't see the ball you also can't determine possession at time of that sensor firing.

/shrug. I'd like them to use that kind of technology where it makes sense. This particular example as demonstrated shows that most things aren't as easy to fix by adding tech.
# 6 yinbaoshenxi @ 04/05/14 07:33 AM
in addition to that if you can't see the ball you also can't determine possession at time of that sensor firing.
# 7 p_rushing @ 04/11/14 03:21 AM
They can put a grid under the field and use rfid or something similar in the ball to know exactly where the ball is. Then they could use video if they needed to know when the ball was down. It would help with first downs too.

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