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There's no way the Spurs can repeat their game-three performance again, right?

After all, the NBA playoffs and Finals are a rigged take-your-turn performance that drums up ratings and false tension. Actually I don't believe that, but some out there do.

Regardless of opinions on "staged" outcomes, it does seem that an ebb-and-flow exists where teams trade wins and the first squad to win back-to-back games will take the series and the 2014 championship. So naturally, it's now Miami's turn -- unless San Antonio decides to cut in line.

Sound Off: Will the 2014 NBA Finals make it to game seven?

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# 1 cavsfan2 @ 06/11/14 03:07 PM
I just find it funny how after every game people inevitably declare that the series is over. I heard people say that after all 3 games of the series lol
# 2 Dice @ 06/11/14 03:25 PM
The next game will determine if this series goes 7. It's a must win for Miami. They loose and I see them going down in 5. They win tomorrow and the series goes 7 with the Spurs taking it.
# 3 BQ32 @ 06/11/14 06:37 PM
It will go 6 or 7 either way. It depends on what Miami has left in the tank. Their success in past years has come from the ability to swarm on the perimeter trapping the pick and roll, denying passes into the post, extremely fast rotations/recoveries, and getting deflections for easy transition opportunities. They have become more efficient offensively but they don't have that same aggression defensively which great offensive teams such as the Spurs can take advantage of. They may just be too long in the tooth and worn down to play that aggressively or they just don't have the hunger like they used to. Either way they will need to find that aggression for a couple of games start to finish in order to win the series. If they don't they go down in probably six, but if they can they will win in six or seven. I really don't know if they still have it because they were untested with a pitiful eastern conference. guess we'll find out tomorrow.
# 4 Strangerstake @ 06/11/14 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by MossMan84
I concur. The Spurs seem to have the answer this year.
The spurs definitely has an answer for the Heat and Lebron, and it was very evident last game. But the Heat have shown that they can bounce back too. This is going to be a very good series, I dont see any other match being a blowout. However the Spurs need to shoot really well again, although not as good as last night but still upto the mark. The Heat are very good at coming back in the third and fourth this playoffs. The Spurs were just too good last night and I dont doubt that they can still win without shooting lights out but my heart says that Heat wins in 6 at home, I feel that Lebron just wants that 3rd ring a lot more than the Spurs and most of the other Heats, and I believe in him to bring home the trophy again!!
# 5 lilteapot @ 06/11/14 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by MossMan84
I concur. The Spurs seem to have the answer this year.
Their answer is exposing Miami's terrible defensive rotations, and this is fixable although it is concerning that they have to fix it...in game 4 in the finals.

Game 4 is the deciding game.
# 6 eaterofworlds888 @ 06/11/14 07:42 PM
I think it will be. I picked Spurs in 7 going in and I'm sticking with it. Looks t;o be going that way.

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