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Madden NFL 15 is here for everyone tomorrow. With the review process finished here at OS, I was able to get the chance to enjoy the game moreso than critically assess it this weekend.

In my entire playtime of Madden, there are five things abundantly clear about this year's title for OS'ers, these are the five things you need to know about Madden for launch day:
  1. Defense is truly better. I mean this in the you really don't want to skip over defense again type of way. It's now as much fun as offense if you let it.
  2. The Game plays more realistic and balanced football. It's not perfect, but you'll need to use some real football ideas and strategies to succeed.
  3. Connected Franchise has a few problems at launch, so you will need to be considerate of that if you pick the game up. The QB sim stats issue in particular affects the game big time in future years.
  4. The new community playcalling is a gimmick, but there are ideas within it that will make you really love what EA is doing. My biggest wish is that the total times a play was called would apply to your current game only (or if there was an option for that).
  5. While this game needs a patch or two to even out some of its rough edges, this game is well worth your time as an NFL fan. If you aren't the biggest fan of Sundays in the Fall, you may wait to see what patches do for the game.
Are you picking up Madden NFL 15 at launch? What's the one thing you are looking forward to most in the game this year?

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# 1 Gorilla Glass @ 08/25/14 10:02 AM
I'm looking forward to the whole game.

I kept disciplined with the 6 hour trial and only ventured to Exhibition mode, settings and depth charts.

I can't wait to get to drills and practice mode oh and custom playbooks.

Best time of the year.
# 2 oldman @ 08/25/14 10:23 AM
I still have two hours left on my trial to hold me over to tomorrow!

what are all of the connected franchise issues?
# 3 tha_show256 @ 08/25/14 10:48 AM
I can't wait for midnight tonight!! I'm most looking forward to seeing the game in all it's glory! I'm a graphics nut, and from what I'm hearing the game looks amazing.
# 4 swimfunk @ 08/25/14 11:08 AM
any word if EA is planning on patching the XP issues?
# 5 Benz87 @ 08/25/14 11:18 AM
I am more excited for this year than any previous. Several factors play into this...
1) I played only last-gen (Xbox360) for Madden 25 and had more fun then I've ever had with Madden, I picked up a PS4 this past spring so when I play this game tonight it will be the first time I play Madden for current-gen.
2) For the most part, everyone is giving great impressions and saying the game play is really fun and improved this year. CFM definitely has issues, but i'm confident those will be patched. In the meantime, I will dive into MUT which I thoroughly enjoyed last year and has supposedly received significant improvement.
3) Defense has been revamped this year, I actually thoroughly enjoyed defense last year, so it will only be that much better for me.

I cant wait to pick my copy up at Midnight! I've had my PTO put in for Maddenoliday for a few weeks now.
# 6 Frost o9 @ 08/25/14 11:47 AM
Really going to put time into offline franchise this year. Not a huge Madden fan by any stretch, but I'll be giving this one a go.
# 7 aguero90 @ 08/25/14 11:58 AM
I have a question, as a visually impaired player of games, I bought madden 15 after not having played in a long time. Since I can't read if I'm picking a pass or run play, is there anything I can do button wise with settings to make sure I know what I'm picking?
# 8 dsk1317 @ 08/25/14 12:31 PM
I really cannot wait to play around with the new coverage adjustments, and learn the new defensive line mechanics.
# 9 Dr Death @ 08/25/14 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
While this game needs a patch or two to even out some of its rough edges, this game is well worth your time as an NFL fan. If you aren't the biggest fan of Sundays in the Fall, you may wait to see what patches do for the game.
I'm just asking this question because I simply do not understand, so please be kind and don't think that I am attacking anyone... but my question is this: Why... after all this time, must they need a "patch" to fix things that should have been detected prior to release???

How is it possible for a company to make a game and allow so many things to slip by QC??? I'm generally curious. If anyone has programming experience and can give me a legitimate answer, then please do. Otherwise, this all seems really pathetic from where I am sitting.
# 10 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/25/14 12:54 PM
I finished my pre order at Gamestop and I'm glad that our location has a midnight release! I'm just amped and excited to try out the new game. The Madden/NFL season is here!!!
# 11 Mechcaniq @ 08/25/14 01:35 PM
After playing the ps3 early access format, I must say, Numbers 1&2 are dead on. This year you better have a game plan, & practice is a must!
# 12 cusefan74 @ 08/25/14 01:37 PM
WOW! The game isn't even out yet and we are talking about patches, messed up stats, and progression issues. What's even a bigger WOW!, is that people still can't wait to get their hands on it. There is no hope for a great Madden game.
# 13 MAXIPAD2K @ 08/25/14 03:28 PM
Most looking forward TO THOSE ****ING BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS
# 14 Danish ram @ 08/25/14 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by MAXIPAD2K
Most looking forward TO THOSE ****ING BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS
Lipstick on a pig. Not buying till they patch Them sim problems. Dont want to see Matty ICE as a 61 after 3 years
# 15 forme95 @ 08/25/14 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
If you aren't the biggest fan of Sundays in the Fall, you may wait to see what patches do for the game.[/i]
The BEST line!!!!!!!
# 16 kingsofthevalley @ 08/25/14 04:46 PM
I must say the devs did an amazing job this year. Definitely agree on the defense side of things, them boys will SHUT YOU DOWN!!!!! I love the game already and I haven't even tinkered with the sliders yet, so I know once I get the full release and get my slider sets right, I'll be having a BLAST! As far as the sim stats, I'm not very concerned with that, as I look at Madden as simulating real world football, but at the same time, simulating real world football in a video game environment. Hard to really explain, but I look at the stats in the Madden world as just that, stats in the Madden world.

Once they get it to a point where it mirrors real world precisely, that'll be great, but until then, it is what it is. QBs in real life average this, QBs in the Madden world average that, you must adjust accordingly for now. Its not like a few QBs in the game have real world stats and others have video game stats, its consistent across the CPU board. Submerse your selfinto the alternate reality and enjoy!!! Its close enough, it aint like the players are running around with space boots and jetpacks on. I think they merged it to reality as close as they could, I'm good with that for the simple fact that I see the work being put in.
# 17 cepwin @ 08/25/14 05:20 PM
Pre-Order paid off and I will be at GameStop at midnight!
# 18 BengalsFan99 @ 08/25/14 08:20 PM
A little over two hours left!!
Cant wait to dominate with that Bengals Defense! WHO DEY!!
# 19 nascar163 @ 08/25/14 08:22 PM
I'm picking up my copy tomorrow morning from EB Games, but I still have about four hours left on my EA Access so I have that to tie me over.

Edit: And for those who will probably ask, I barely used mine because I got Madden for the PS4.

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