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For those of you that were not able to connect to the NBA 2K15 servers, for the past week or so (including me), go ahead and restart your PlayStation 4, Xbox One and/or PC and fire up the game.

It should fix the issue, it definitely worked for me and according to Ronnie2K's mentions on Twitter, it looks like it worked for many more.

Good luck, let us know if it works for you.

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# 1 Kurupt_XxX @ 10/21/14 07:33 PM
ok this was resolved, but now we are back to being booted from mypark/ jordan rec center games.... They can't get anything right. Mypark was working beautifully too but now i'm being booted every damn game.
# 2 Hartenberg @ 10/21/14 07:47 PM
Yup, I'm able to connect to all the modes again. But now the auction market seems shakey again. When I was playing on my alternate account because my main one got hit by the glitch, the auction house was working almost flawlessly. I guess with everyone being able to connect again, its having trouble. Hoping it gets solved soon though. :/
# 3 BigBlue @ 10/21/14 08:10 PM
How come when I go into nba today, it still shows October 14th? How can I resolve this?

# 4 JayAtkHar @ 10/21/14 10:31 PM
i need all of my ****in rep back. lol like this is terrible. plus whenever you're in game chat u cannot hear anyone unless rue in a party but when I'm in a party i get kicked out of the game AND the party
# 5 Mikelopedia @ 10/22/14 12:55 AM
I was hoping this would fix the issue I was having with not being able to edit the newest roster update but it did not. While I can connect to the servers now, when I choose the official roster from Create Roster to edit its the old roster. However in quick games the roster is up to date.

Any insight on this anyone??
# 6 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 10/22/14 01:02 AM
Anybody still getting kicked out the rec center ?
# 7 Brooknom87 @ 10/22/14 06:23 AM
I still get this error when switching from my career to my gm mode offline .... It's says "file corrupted " nothing saves offline
# 8 catfish9-5 @ 10/22/14 07:07 AM
I start a bulls my league. Play I a few games then the next day when I go to play again, it's the 76ers logo and save. This has happened several times.
# 9 reptilexcq @ 10/22/14 08:40 AM
Yesterday I was playing online ranked and the game kicked me out due to an error. This is a totally different error code...not the exxxx whatever people have been reporting. I never seen this error before...i had to restart my game.
# 10 Steve_OS @ 10/22/14 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by Mr.Smif
The problem ain't getting connected its staying connected.
The issue here was that some were not able to connect PERIOD. I was one of them. It works now, as for the disconnects, etc. ya, that is an issue that is hopeful to be fixed in the patch. This news post was an entirely different set of circumstances. That is all.
# 11 labelmeoriginal @ 10/22/14 11:51 AM
Has the input lag been at least improved? I still refuse to play online until that's fixed. You can't time jumpers or play defense. It's flat out frustrating.

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