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NBA 2K15 roster updates arrive every day and this year Mike Stauffer (bedwardsroy19) will provide us with the details. Check out what's new in today's roster update.

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for not being able to release an update yesterday, but right back to it with today’s notes! We have a new player to eclipse the 90 OVR mark…

Players Added
  • Drew Gordon (Height mistake, will address in next update)
Attribute Updates

  • Anthony Davis OVR 90 (+1)- Pass Perception +6, Post Defense IQ +5, Help Defense IQ +4, Offensive Consistency +5
  • Gordon Hayward OVR 82 (+2)- Offensive Consistency +15, Shot IQ +4, On Ball Defense IQ +5, Defensive Consistency +10, Help Defense IQ, Moving Mid Range +5
  • Dennis Schroeder OVR 71 (+1)- Driving Dunk +5
No Change in Overall
  • Dwyane Wade OVR 86 (0)- Pass Vision +2
  • Jabari Parker OVR 77 (0)- Driving Dunk +20
  • Rajon Rondo OVR 87 (0)- Defensive Rebound +13
  • Norris Cole OVR 74 (-2)- Offensive consistency -10, Standing Shot Close -9, Moving Shot Close -7, Stand Still Three -5, Pass Vision -5
  • Eric Gordon OVR 76 (-1)- Offensive Consistency -15, Moving Three -6, Standing Three -4
  • Josh Smith OVR 79 (-1)- Shot IQ -15, Standing Three -10, Moving Three -7
Team Color Adjustments
  • 76ers Away Arm Sleeves Red
  • 76ers Alternate Black Socks/Shoes
  • Cavs Home Shoe Colors
  • Jazz Headband Colors adjusted
  • Kings Alternate Arm Sleeve black
  • Magic Headband Colors adjusted
  • Mavs Alternate Socks Black
  • Nuggets Alternate Colors Adjusted
  • Raptors Away Jersey Team Colors Adjusted
Accessory Adjustments
  • John Henson- Added Knee Sleeves
  • Rajon Rondo- Removed Headband
  • Kelly Olynyk- Removed Arm Sleeve
  • Glen Davis- Added Knee Sleeves
  • Chris Paul- Added Compression Pants, Low Socks
  • Paul Millsap- Removed Compression Pants
  • Jeff Teague- Added Handwrap
  • Kyle Korver- Added Knee Pads and High Socks
  • Luol Deng- Removed Arm Sleeve
  • Shabazz Napier- Removed Hex Pads, Medium Socks
  • Norris Cole- Removed Compression Pants, Rubberband
  • Michael Kidd Gilchrist- Added Wrist Wrap
  • DeMarcus Cousins- Added Knee Sleeves
  • Darren Collison- Removed Arm Sleeve
  • Quincy Acy- Added Protective Wristband
  • Cleanthony Early- Switched Arm Sleeve
  • Wesley Johnson- Removed Hex pads
  • Ronnie Price- Removed Arm Sleeve
  • Arron Afflalo- Removed Arm Sleeve, Added Rubberband
  • JJ Hickson- Arm Sleeve Padded, Double Socks
  • Andre Drummond- Added Compression Pants
  • DJ Augustin- Added Arm Sleeve
  • Dwight Howard- Knee Hex Pads
  • Marcus Morris- Double Medium Socks
  • Reggie Jackson- Added Padded Leg Sleeve
  • Jeremy Lamb- Removed Calf Sleeve
  • Zach LaVine- Added Mid Calf Sleeves
  • Shabazz Muhammed- Removed Left Arm Sleeve, Added Hex Pads
  • Festus Ezeli- Removed Hex Pads
  • Brandon Rush- Arm Band Color adjusted
Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

-Mike Stauffer (@2Kstauff)

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Member Comments
# 1 jeebs9 @ 11/11/14 10:39 AM
Hahaha I'll have to check my man AD out tonight!!

Thank You!!
# 2 bomberooski @ 11/11/14 10:43 AM
Will they change Andre Drummond's jersey name to "Drummund" for a week next week?
# 3 Steve_OS @ 11/11/14 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by bomberooski
Will they change Andre Drummond's jersey name to "Drummund" for a week next week?
He actually had it changed in the 2nd quarter, but it was funny.
# 4 Soundtrack2C @ 11/11/14 10:49 AM
Still no tendency updates

Sent from my 128gb iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk via Sprint Spark
# 5 Tonyattia @ 11/11/14 10:50 AM
Can you fix Eric gordons shot. It's rediculously easy to block
# 6 King_B_Mack @ 11/11/14 10:54 AM
What's up with the Knicks gear? Did they change their home accessories to white?
# 7 bedwardsroy19 @ 11/11/14 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by King_B_Mack
What's up with the Knicks gear? Did they change their home accessories to white?
Right now they are wearing orange at home like they did a few games ago. I'll mix it up
# 8 Sam I am @ 11/11/14 11:03 AM
can someone please look at Al horfords & Kings Derrick Williams shots & tell me if they're not broken
# 9 Hassan Darkside @ 11/11/14 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by bedwardsroy19
Right now they are wearing orange at home like they did a few games ago. I'll mix it up
The Knicks actually wore white last night at home.
# 10 bedwardsroy19 @ 11/11/14 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by Ruff Ryder
The Knicks actually wore white last night at home.
yes, that is what I was saying. That it is currently set to the orange that they wore a few games ago. Ill mix it up to what they wore most recently.

They switch it up more than any other team
# 11 Mintsa @ 11/11/14 11:22 AM
What does raptors away jersey team colours adjusted mean??
# 12 GSWarriors9 @ 11/11/14 11:37 AM
The Warriors have worn black sleeves the last 2 road games.

If you are doing player addition shoes here are some suggestions for Draymond Green(Zoom Soldier VIII) and Stephen Curry(Under Armour ClutchFit Drive High) for home and away.



Also add a black knee strap to Festus Ezeli's right knee.
# 13 GhostfaceDr1llah @ 11/11/14 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Tonyattia
Can you fix Eric gordons shot. It's rediculously easy to block
Yeah, I agree. Joe Johnson jump shot was easy to block and they fix that. They should do the same for Eric Gordon because every time I play against him, I sag off a lot but I still have a lot of time to block at least 5 of his jumpers.
Otto Porter's 3 point rating should increase too.
# 14 bedwardsroy19 @ 11/11/14 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by DVaz3
We getting the Knicks white home accessories today or next update? Any chance you could switch the Pelicans home Headband to white also? That red just looks out of place. Trying to start a roster with this last update but those are the 2 main points that bothered me.
I am going to do what the team does
# 15 DBMcGee3 @ 11/11/14 11:46 AM
Great work as usual, can't please everyone though I guess. Geez.
# 16 zizoux @ 11/11/14 12:00 PM
Thanks for the update!

I assume you already know but you could use these sites for PE shoes
# 17 jeebs9 @ 11/11/14 12:25 PM
Wow...No wonder I fell off the kick game... It's too expense and changing too much lol.
# 18 WakeUp_YoureDreaming @ 11/11/14 12:28 PM
It's good to see AD break the 90+ club – now if we can just get Tim Duncan OUT of the 90+ club, lol.

Beds, I don't know if this is your department or not, but I would love to see Anthony Davis not look like Dwight Howard. If you've got any pull over there at 2K, try to see what they can do about making him skinny. He's much closer to Durant's body type than to Dwight Howard's. I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was to make AD so buffed in the first place, but it really is quite inaccurate. If anything can be done, perhaps in the next patch, please see what you can do.

Anyways, thank you for all the time you put into these roster updates. They are fantastic, as usual. Keep up all the great work.
# 19 y2kenta @ 11/11/14 12:46 PM
Yoooo Mike Stauffer @2Kstauff yall DO NOT watch @ATLHawks closely / D. Schroder only got a dunk boost / He's avg 9ppg,65%fg,1.6stls in only 14min #CmonMan ...Taht little +5 driving dunk doesn't really even boost his dunk high enough to use as he does wither...That's a little lazy.

He single handedly closed out the kNicks last night with 11 pts in the 4th qtr, after he had 5 stls vs them in the prev game 2 nights prior. Coach Bud even put Schroder in with Teague in a lot of the game last night because he has been playing great, he then sat Teague in the 4th qtr to play Schroder in the clucth. And Schroder came thru. Hawks will be real good this year...Give them their due with ratings man!
# 20 Blackhail92 @ 11/11/14 01:08 PM
really loving the consistency this year. I think shumpert should get a slight raise hes avg 14 ppg 4 assist and 4 boards on 51 percent shooting and 57 from three. pretty solid.

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