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PlayStation 4 fans can purchase The Golf Club for $20.99 ($24.99 if you are not a PS Plus subscriber). No such sale exists for the PC or Xbox One version, as of this post.

NOTE: This price is good until December 23rd.

UPDATE: Throughout the Steam Holiday Sale, which ends on January 2nd, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST, The Golf Club will be priced at $24.49 for PC users.

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# 1 TheBadazz @ 12/16/14 04:06 PM
I might try it can't beat $20.99! I'm not a golfhead but it's not a bad pastime.
# 2 TheBleedingRed21 @ 12/16/14 05:44 PM
Absolute steal for $20. Got it for PC but might pick it up on ps4 for that to support them. Amazing game.
# 3 AUChase @ 12/16/14 07:48 PM
For near half off the original price, It's hard to pass this up.

I think It's time that I check Golf off the sports on my PS4.
# 4 Sausage @ 12/16/14 07:57 PM
I have finally joined the club as well (no pun intended). Now to make time for the new addition to the family. He'll have to share with his brothers Advanced Warfare, GTA V, Drive Club, WWE 2K15, UFC, Metro Redux, & Plants vs Zombies. Last month went a little crazy, lol.
# 5 TheBadazz @ 12/16/14 10:49 PM
Just joined the club too. Let the shanks begin!!!
# 6 bigdoc85 @ 12/18/14 09:12 AM
Yes -- this made me join too.
# 7 ManiacMatt1782 @ 12/18/14 02:58 PM
I already have for xb1, but at this price, looks like I will have it on ps4 too.
# 8 Steve_OS @ 12/18/14 03:12 PM
Updated OP. PC version on sale for $24.49 until Jan. 2.
# 9 aimiami @ 12/18/14 11:54 PM
damn it. I told myself i would wait until it drops down to 20 and just ended up buying it the day before it goes on sale.

Still worth my money though. I love designing courses
# 10 42 @ 12/19/14 08:42 PM
Love the positive vibes from you guys about this game - took advantage of the sale.
# 11 knob1701 @ 12/19/14 09:11 PM
This game is easily worth a full priced $60 game. The unlimited amount of content and developer upgrades is not matched anywhere. I have put more hours into this game than all my other PS4 games combined.
# 12 grismosw @ 12/20/14 09:16 AM
This is only available thru download for ps4, right?
# 13 knob1701 @ 12/20/14 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by grismosw
This is only available thru download for ps4, right?
Yes. Ps+ is not required to play online.
# 14 grismosw @ 12/20/14 09:29 AM
Thanks knob

Do you know if it is possible to download to a thumb drive and install that way? Ie - I have a data limit so ideally I would download at Starbucks or something like that then come home install
# 15 jcmreds @ 12/20/14 01:40 PM
Well I've got some psn money backed up after missing the UFC game on sale, and I've been missing not having Hot Shots Golf on PS4. I think I'm taking the plunge mainly do to the course creation feature.
# 16 Brandwin @ 12/23/14 08:57 PM
Damn. Forgot to get it until just now. Price already back up to $34.99
# 17 JMD @ 12/24/14 08:30 AM
I picked this up also. I don't play golf in real life, I played a bit of links 2004 on the Xbox. My problem here is putting, I always hit the ball too hard, is there any way to tell the percentage of power in my swing when putting , or is this something I will need to learn over time? Thanks

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