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The WWE 2K16 development team continue to reveal nuggets about their game. Today they show off a triple threat match between Kevin Owens, Neville and Sheamus.

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# 1 hawkfantn @ 09/03/15 09:44 AM
Has anyone noticed that the ring looks too small proportionately to the size of the characters?
# 2 King_B_Mack @ 09/03/15 09:53 AM
Really like that you can apparently clothesline people into things now. That one spot where Sheamus clotheslined Owens over the top rope was great. As far as I remember, you'd have to knock a guy into a prone position on the rope first before you could do something like that. Then when Owens clohteslined Sheamus into the corner. In previous games clotheslining a groggy opponent standing in that spot would have just knocked him down, instead he actually went into the corner with force and even fell down into the corner after getting smashed like a person would actually do IRL. Really liking what I'm seeing out of the game so far this year.
# 3 DBMcGee3 @ 09/03/15 10:27 AM
Big ol' meh.
# 4 dmslapped @ 09/03/15 11:57 AM
I liked it. Clothesline into the turnbuckle and over the ropes. Maybe we can do that with the cage matches too.
# 5 aaron777 @ 09/03/15 12:36 PM
The ring does seem kinda small.No idea if I will buy this too many great games coming out plus haven't bought this since 13 .
# 6 PVarck31 @ 09/03/15 05:49 PM
Looks good to me. Animations seem to flow better. Also Owens did the package powerbomb. Won't see that in real WWE.

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