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Slightly Mad Studios have released Project CARS patch 4.0 for PC and PlayStation 4 users. It should arrive soon for Xbox One, this post will get updated when it becomes available.

Below are some of the new and enhanced features of the patch. For a complete list of updates, read the final release notes at the Project CARS Forum (PC, PlayStation 4).
  • Online added support for 'Force Default Setups' in Multiplayer restrictions screen.
  • Online players driving the wrong way will now have their collision disabled and their vehicles will display as ghost cars.
  • Online lobby search settings are now saved between sessions.
  • Career mandatory pitstop opening lap will now scale when the player scales the length of the race. For example, if the race was set to 5 laps, the pits would open for
  • the mandatory stop on lap 2. If the player now scales the race length to 15 laps, the pits will open on lap 6 for the mandatory pitstop.
  • HUD when adjusting real-time settings, for example Brake Balance, the player will now see a HUD message to indicate what the setting has been changed to. The HUD will display N/A in the real-time settings HUD, messaging when a specific setting is not available due to it being disabled in MP session or not present on the vehicle.
  • GUI added a game version number display to the main menu.
  • Assists Enhanced Brake Assistance system so that people who are unable to use
  • brake controllers at all can still play the game with this assist enabled.
  • Assists the Best Line assist now provides an option to only show the braking areas
  • Tracks - Movable trackside objects and broken-off car parts will now be removed from the track after impacts.

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# 1 Young Coaches @ 10/05/15 01:50 AM
Hey I have a question, can I search for lobbies where collisions are turned off? It's the only chink in Forza 6's armor IMO

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