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NHL 17 news is expected to arrive on Tuesday, April 26.

Last year, NHL 16 news was leaked before the team fully revealed the feature set in late May. So keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you find anything.

What are you hoping to see?

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# 1 clou14 @ 04/22/16 03:31 PM
Hopefully custom music and better playoff atmosphere!
# 2 GrandMaster B @ 04/22/16 03:47 PM
Bring back attributes for EASHL or if they are going to continue with badges, make them meaningful and not just a number. Bring back goal totals for season in game. Better AI. More stat overlays.
# 3 clarkerots @ 04/22/16 03:50 PM
Hopefully roster sharing is back. Either that, or stop rating 90% of the league in the 80's.

Would also like to see goalie fatigue and too many men on the ice penalties.
# 4 skrody @ 04/22/16 03:58 PM
this game needs life outside of EASHL.

take away the jersey, and there is no differentiating ovechkin from parros because they can both snipe top shelf if you're standing in the right spot and aiming in the cheese spots.

****ing make this game exciting to play again.. no more me outshooting my opponent 43-6 and losing 4-0. like, stop making this an arcade game for crying out loud.

oh yeah and roster share
# 5 TDKing @ 04/22/16 04:20 PM
Connected Franchise makes a come back with the option for shorter seasons and custom sliders. Oh and an option for shorter seasons for offline GM too !

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# 6 Simple Mathematics @ 04/22/16 05:04 PM
I want to see BaGM enhancements and gameplay improvements. I want a defensive skill stick, better positioning and awareness for AI, and improved goaltending with realistic movement.

I would LOOOOVE to see roster sharing!

And on a personal note, I'd like a job offer to work on their rosters.
# 7 Fiddy @ 04/22/16 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by Simple Mathematics
I want to see BaGM enhancements and gameplay improvements. I want a defensive skill stick, better positioning and awareness for AI, and improved goaltending with realistic movement.

I would LOOOOVE to see roster sharing!

And on a personal note, I'd like a job offer to work on their rosters.
Zero excuse that we haven't seen Roster Sharing within the NHL series (and any sports game that don't have it). Hope it makes it in this year!
# 8 Toewsface @ 04/22/16 10:09 PM
  • More than two PK lines. Seriously, has anyone on EA's team watched a single game of hockey in the past decade?
  • Fix line changes!!!! It takes excruciatingly long to complete a line change. Again, anyone who's ever watched a game of hockey knows line changes are quick, not the quagmire that EA portrays. Coupled with the 4 seconds of head up a** mode from the player coming on (which would make sense if too many men penalties were a thing) is completely unaware of the puck and will actively ignore it and the whole thing is just trash.
  • Defensive skill stick
  • Acquire puck button. Anything that lets me tell my player to move his stickblade 6 inches and acquire the puck rather than sweep it away or ignore it altogether. Make this also allow the user to attempt to glove down airborne pucks.
  • Revised manual passing. The current system absolutely sucks, you either have to hold the button entirely too long or your pass has absolutely no juice. Switch to the hard vs light press featured in literally every other sports game.
  • A stuff puck button. Nothing is more frustrating that having my players flail at loose pucks on the goal mouth when the net is open.
  • Roster sharing.
  • A menu system that doesn't require 20 button presses to make a single substitution. Do I need a separate menu screen to sub in this line only or in every line or would pressing X for one and Y for the other accomplish the exact same thing?
  • The ability to mute menu sounds (currently, you can only mute menu music).
  • AI teammates who play like they've played a single game of hockey before in their lives. I'm tired of seeing teammates ignore loose pucks, moving from being open to being covered in the offensive zone, etc.
  • Fix the fatigue system. For those familiar with depreciation concepts, the current system seems to follow a straight-line schedule whereas reality is better approximated by a hyperbolic schedule. This would reward quick, short 30 second shifts and penalize long shifts.
  • GM mode: in-season contract extensions
  • GM/Season mode: Live look-ins during games.
  • GM mode: bring back in-game stat keeping. Also, add milestone markers (i.e. some acknowledgement of season and career milestones).
  • A GM mode that doesn't actively take a step back every year.
  • GM mode: fix progression. It's simply inexcusable that for nearly the past decade, certain attributes don't increase (e.g. poise, face-offs) while others absolutely explode so that every player has insane speed and shooting ratings. A normal distribution would be a good starting point.
  • GM mode: Fix whatever algorithm is used to generate prospects. It makes no sense that certain abilities aren't more or less clustered or based around the existing player builds.
  • GM mode: a full control option. If a player wants to make obscene trades, let them. They're only cheating themselves. Also, it would allow users to undo trades that are absolutely mind-boggling.
  • Full slider control in offline modes. Why keep some sliders developer only?

But we'll see absolutely nothing of value and instead will get some garbage news about how they're going to monetize HUT even more.
# 9 bad_philanthropy @ 04/22/16 10:41 PM
Probably a cover athlete thing.
# 10 snc237 @ 04/23/16 12:14 AM
Seems a bit early for NHL news however they did say they started development a lot earlier on NHL 17 then they have passed years. However looks like a cover vote thing but I would love info with this as well.
# 11 sweetjones @ 04/23/16 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by bad_philanthropy
Probably a cover athlete thing.
I would be surprised if it is not this nonsense.smh
# 12 giantsharks @ 04/23/16 03:17 AM
I want them to take a chance, i want something that actually resembles the game of hockey

I'm not being sarcastic. I want them to make some serious changes
# 13 Peter_OS @ 04/23/16 06:16 AM
- Better franchise mode and playoff atmosphere

- Multiple player celebrations after a goal

- New end of game celebrations

- More stat overlays in game
# 14 MalformedDC2009 @ 04/23/16 12:03 PM
Bought NHL 15, skipped NHL 16. From all the negativity I am reading it sounds like I made the right choice

I just want improvements to focus on gameplay also.
Can someone tell me, how are the puck physics in this game?

A defensive skill stick wouldn't mean much without this.
# 15 Gotmilkman24 @ 04/23/16 05:15 PM
We all know the gameplay isn't going to be any better. I doubt there's much change to the game. I've had my hopes up every year and this year I don't expect much. The last three years I've been nothing but disappointed and let down.
# 16 jyoung @ 04/23/16 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by MalformedDC2009
Can someone tell me, how are the puck physics in this game?
Nicht so gut.

There's still a lot of warping, clipping, and weird bounces that defy the laws of physics.
# 17 Ebpmd @ 04/24/16 05:17 AM
Roster sharing plus ability to edit player names so we can create classic rosters. Old school equipment especially goals masks. Ability to have players skate without helmet. Custom goalie mask design.
# 18 Eyeman79 @ 04/24/16 02:35 PM
Classic teams, it would be fun to replay a season with the original 6 or even the WHA, The kind of thing the NHL 2004-rebuilt guys do. Might as well throw in the ECHL. Yeah EA never does this kind of stuff and since they don't support PC any longer (except for FIFA) it won't happen.
# 19 KomicJ @ 04/24/16 02:57 PM
# 20 bad_philanthropy @ 04/24/16 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by KomicJ
This so much. I often just can't be bothered to play BaGM because of the menus.

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